A student at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center at Glynco is questioning a policy that prohibits trainees from venturing off base.

The student, who requested anonymity out of fear of repercussions, complained about FLETC’s policy in an email to The News on Monday. The student said all 3,000-plus officers undergoing training at the Brunswick facility have been vaccinated but remain on “forced lockdown.”

“Some of them will be in training programs for nine months,” the student wrote in the email. “They are unable to leave base, see their families or pick up medicine. The local economy depends on students and their support of restaurants, hotels, retail stores, and other services. Why are vaccinated students being forced to stay behind the FLETC gates?

“Our future law enforcement officers deserve better.”

FLETC resumed training Aug. 9 after a brief suspension of operations following an outbreak of the COVID-19 delta variant. It announced then that training would be limited to only vaccinated students, who would be housed and restricted to campus with limited exceptions.

The Brunswick center has temporarily ceased housing students off base in area hotels.

FLETC said it would review the new policy 120 days after the start of training.

When announcing in August the resumption of programs, FLETC Director Thomas J. Walters said the policy adopted by the centers was based on the advice of experts.

“Throughout this pandemic, FLETC has followed the recommendations and guidelines outlined by the CDC and has consulted with DHS, FLETC, and local medical professionals,” he said.

In addition to Glynco, the policy is in effect at FLETC facilities at Artesia, N.M., Charleston, S.C., and Cheltenham, Md.

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