National Police Week Law Enforcement Community Day

A FLETC instructor intrigues a youngster with the inside scoop on federal law enforcement tools.

Debra Godwin Duncan knew that the elite training realm behind the gates at the Federal Law Enforcement Center was expansive, but she did not know the place had its own city.

A tour of the realistic Danis City complex within the facility at 1131 Chapel Crossing Road was just one of the highlights of Law Enforcement Community Day at FLETC. The federal training facility welcomed members of local law enforcement, first responders, the judicial community and their families to a day of demonstrations, guided tours and more. The event was held in conjunction with the with National Police Week, which began Monday and ended Friday.

A Glynn County Probate Court Judge, Duncan was amazed at the realistic qualities of Danis City, a simulated urban training environment that includes shops, a bank, a post office and a grocery store. “You would have thought it was a real city — it looked like downtown Brunswick,” she said.

Elsewhere on the campus, the United States Marshal Service staged a tactical training display for those attending.

“I think it is a good opportunity for every agency to showcase their equipment, their personnel, and basically expose every member, or every partner organization and community member that came out,” said Jeffery Johnson, one of the FLETC instructors who took part in the USMS display. “It shows how we work together to accomplish the mission, which is training here at FLETC.”

Other federal agencies represented included the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, the National Marine Fisheries Service, the Transportation and Security Administration and U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The day included campus tours, hands-on exhibits, training demonstrations and exhibitions of tactical vehicles and boats.

Lunch also was provided for the visitors, which also included family members of the FLETC students and staff.

“I think it is very important to celebrate our officers that have died in the line of duty,” said Philip Amoroso, a law enforcement specialist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Lauren Ware, Branch Chief of Forensics Special Investigative Skills at FLETC, intrigued folks with three dimensional casts of crime scene evidence and the inside scoop on real-life forensics as opposed to the television variety.

“We were not only able to interact with the community, but with our FLETC family as well,” Ware said. “This is an opportunity to come behind the scenes and through the gates to see what it is that we do here.”

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