Glynn Academy Homecoming Queen Ronna Jones is crowned by the ‘93 Homecoming Queen Kim Duerk. First runner-up was Michelle Jackson; second, Sabrina Pierce; third, Amanda Kicklighter; and fourth Michelle Benjamin. Glynn Academy lost to Savannah High 20-16.

25 Years

(Nov. 4-9, 1994)

Few Associated Press editor's notes pack so much into so few words.

Ahead of a lengthy true crime story, the following ran: “A carnival of murder has shaken a close-knit Florida village of sideshow retirees. Lobster Boy is dead. His wife was convicted of manslaughter in the crime. Human Blockhead, the midget’s son who hired the killer, has been sentenced to life in prison. The gunman, too, is in jail.”

In the world of sports, Brunswick High scored with less than a minute left against Camden County to seal the win 28-17 and claim the sub-region football championship. Georgia Tech head football coach Bill Lewis resigned, with defensive coordinator George O’Leary taking his place, and Michigan State fired its head football coach, George Perles.

In the NFL, the Detroit Lions signed 1992 Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Gino Torretta.

The general election proved a historic one for Republicans, who took control of Congress and flipped seats across the country. Gov. Zell Miller — who The News’ editors said was too liberal and politically correct to be reelected — defied the trend and won another term as governor.

50 Years

(Nov. 3, 1969)

Civil unrest in Jacksonville, Fla., led to shop owners reportedly arming their staff.

“Owners of stores hit by three successive nights of firebombing have begun arming their employees in a predominantly black eastside neighborhood,” the AP reported. “The protective measures began Sunday night after eight more businesses received minor damage from hit-and-run firebombers. Some of the stores had been bombed earlier.

“‘We think it’s a group of arsonists just riding around in automobiles and throwing these bombs,’ Police Capt. D.R. Horn said.”

The violence began several days earlier when white cigarette salesman William Simmons shot John Wesley Riley, who is black. Simmons, who was charged with assault with intent to murder, told police he thought Riley was breaking into his truck.

75 Years

(Nov. 6-8, 1944)

Sea Island prepared for some high-level visitors who decided that a trip to the coast was exactly what was needed following the election.

The News reported, “Gov. Thomas E. Dewey will come to the famous resort, which he previously visited, as president-elect or governor of New York; Harry Truman, vice presidential candidate on the Democratic ticket, will come probably either as vice president-elect or senator from Missouri, and Robert Hannegan, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, will come to the resort either as the successful or unsuccessful manager of President Roosevelt’s campaign.”

The election turned into a massive victory for the president, who at press time held an electoral vote advantage of 407-124. Glynn County went for Roosevelt by a count of 1,995-372.

The News’ editors observed:

“Recent German prisoners have included a boy of 12, a man of 78, a soldier with two artificial legs and one with a glass eye.”

“No praise is ever given the lowly hog but he brings in the bacon.”

“A politician could easily become a nursery man. He knows how to graft.”

“The Republicans are complaining that the war is being won to help Roosevelt.”

100 Years

(Nov. 8, 1919)

County police arrested the Gale brothers, Fred and Walter, for operating illegal stills near the Cypress Mills.

“When the officers arrived on the scene, the twin stills, located in dense swamp, were in full blast,” The News reported. “The Gale brothers were taken by surprise and on the approach of the officers, sought safety in flight. After a lively chase of several hundred yards through the underbrush, during which several shots were fired by the officers to frighten the fugitives (and) they surrendered when they found escape impossible.”

Police also arrested the Gales’ father, who was wanted on earlier charges but who fled town, only to return and find himself in custody along with his sons.

On the editorial page, The News’ editors reflected:

“Belief in the equality of man is held by those who can’t afford to hire servants.”

“It begins to look as though some of the crooks who got rich out of the aircraft program during the war may get a chance to divide up some of the unholy gains with the criminal lawyers.”

“The coal man who brings your supply on time these days is our idea of the original Santa Claus.”

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