Two employees of Jered Brown Brothers move a pontoon to its next stage of production in December 1994. In order to move the 12.5-ton pontoon, the men have to use a crane that locks into special grooves.

25 Years

(Dec. 8-14, 1994)

Brunswick High’s record-setting football season went into limbo when Georgia High School Association Executive Director Tommy Guillebeau ordered the Pirates to forfeit their season and their region championship for allegedly suiting up an ineligible player.

“According to Guillebeau, appropriate documents concerning the transfer of junior linebacker Patrick Williams had not been filed with the GHSA and his transfer (from Valdosta to Brunswick) had not been approved,” News Assistant Sports Editor Mike Morrison wrote.

Brunswick officials issued a statement declaring their intention to appeal.

“In essence, what happened was the forms were filled out and thought mailed,” Glynn County Schools Director of Athletics Derrick Hulsey said. “There are copies of the forms on file at the school. But the Georgia High School Association never received them. It’s Brunswick High School’s position they were received, however.”

The accusation came after BHS staff accused Valdosta of skullduggery by hijacking the Pirates’ communications during the playoff game that resulted in a Brunswick loss. One Brunswick offensive player even noted Valdosta was shifting to stop a called run almost as soon as the BHS huddle broke, indicating a clairvoyance beyond usual scouting, or they knew something they shouldn’t. During the week, the two controversies did not appear related.

Guillebeau told The News he looked into the Williams matter after he received a tip. The origin of that tip would not be disclosed however, Guillbeau said. Hulsey and BHS coach John Willis said Guillebeau told them the investigation came after questions from Valdosta school officials.

Morrison wrote that Brunswick would likely not know the result of the appeal until the GHSA annual meeting in March.

In college football, Stanford named Ty Willingham its new coach, Ohio hired Jim Grobe as head coach and UAB head coach Jim Hilyer resigned to become the Blazers’ associate athletic director.

In pro baseball, the Texas Rangers traded outfielder Jose Canseco to the Chicago White Sox for outfielder Otis Nixon and third baseman Luis Ortiz.

50 Years

(Dec. 10-13, 1969)

Risley High’s boys basketball team was on a championship pace thanks to a 3-0 start, including an 80-74 victory over rival Todd Grant.

“The Tigers, hitting an amazing 78 percent of their shots from the floor, took a 41-39 lead into the dressing room at intermission and were never in real trouble the rest of the way,” The News reported. “Led by senior guard Herman Poole and center Ronald Mells, Risley played as though it owned the court. Poole hit 26 points and Mells popped in 16 tallies.

“Coach J.L. Williams said it was his teams best effort this season.

“’We played control ball and slowed Todd Grant’s running hame down,’ Williams said. ‘We took only the good shots and made them.’”

Two Glynn County police officers on Ocean Boulevard had a hot car on their hands when they discovered smoke coming from their cruiser, as a fire broke out in the car’s ignition system. The officers put out the fire and had the car towed away.

75 Years

(Dec. 8-14, 1944)

Hopes were high that the new coastal highway would run by the downtown business district, as community leaders hoped.

The News’ editors wrote in an editorial, “At the meeting of the city and county authorities with the Highway Department officials several years ago when both city and county commissions agreed to the procedure outlined by which Ryburn Clay, director of the state Highway Department, would endeavor to secure approval of the route from the foot of Gloucester Street across Turtle River, and if the public roads administration refused to approve this route, then a location as close as possible to the center of the business district was to be chosen.

“In the light of this statement of policy and the careful studies of an outstanding highway consultant, there is every reason for confidence that a satisfactory solution will be secured. The county authorities have shown every disposition to cooperate with the city and to keep all interests fully informed on developments.”

The editors also observed:

“Stolen coffin lids were made into radios in Scotland. That’s an eerie crime in more ways than one.”

“The Christmas holly industry is most active in Delaware and Maryland. Mistletoe activity is nationwide.”

“Face powder can now be made of wood flour. It may yet become a compliment to tell a girl she has a wooden expression.”

“Let it be hope the crop insurance bills in Congress won’t cover the wild oats crops sown by the politicians.”

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