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The Brunswick High School Choir sings at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church on Dec. 1, 1993, to commemorate World AIDS Day. The candlelight service was held to honor those who have died or are suffering from the disease.

25 Years

(Dec. 2, 1993)

With the announcement Jacksonville, Fla., received its NFL expansion team, local businesspeople said they were optimistic about the franchise’s ability to boost the economy around Jacksonville.

“Glynn County has always gained business from the travelers on their way to the annual Georgia-Florida game,” The News reported. “With Jacksonville being in close proximity for coastal Georgians and South Carolinians, just as with the Georgia-Florida games, Glynn County stands to gain from the influx of new Jaguar fans passing through on their way to the games.

“Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce Director Woody Woodside said the business community of Glynn County should be very optimistic about the decision to bring a team to Jacksonville.

“‘Our business community is excited and everyone north of the border is extremely proud of Jacksonville and its accomplishment,’ he said.”

Although, News columnist Mike Morrison had some thoughts as to the name.

He wrote, “The what?


“Well, maybe a little more thought should have been put into the selection of the name. As it stands, it appears the chief criterion for picking a name was alliteration. Jacksonville starts with a J, so the nickname must start with a J.

“Other names considered but rejected include the Jinxes, the Jokes (which probably would fit rather comfortably during the team’s formative years), the Jesters, the Jim-Bobs (in honor of the region’s rural orientation) and the Jerks.

“For the life of me though, I can’t figure why they would want to name the team after a British-made luxury car.”

50 Years

(Dec. 2, 1968)

According to a brief from the Associated Press, “Albert DeSalvo, identified by his former attorney and two court psychiatrists as the Boston Strangler, has filed a $2 million damage suit against the makers of a movie called ‘The Boston Strangler.’”

Maybe the producers should have used a different name. DeSalvo, who allegedly killed around 13 different women — among a laundry list of other heinous crimes — was also referred to as the Mad Strangler of Boston, the Measuring Man and the Green Man.

As it stood, the film took a lot of liberties with the facts, including projecting mental illnesses onto DeSalvo that weren’t diagnosed. Tony Curtis played the lead role.

In news out of D.C., the AP reported that, “A staff report to the president’s commission on violence blames police, weary and harassed beyond endurance, for most of the violence that shocked the nation during the Democratic National Convention in Chicago last August.

“‘To read dispassionately the hundreds of statements describing at firsthand the events of Sunday and Monday nights is to become convinced of the presence of what can only be called a police riot,’ says the report released Sunday.”

75 Years

(Dec. 2-6, 1943)

Good news for fans of indoor plumbing on St. Simons Island, as Glynn County commissioners gave the OK to move forward on an agreement with the Federal Works Administration for a sewage system on the island.

“Under the terms of the agreement, the government will construct the system and lease it to the county free of cost for the duration of the war and six months thereafter,” The News reported. “All rights-of-ways will be furnished by the county free, and the agreement provides that the county will operate the system. It is also agreed that an ordinance will be passed providing that all residents on the sewerage lines and within 250 feet of one must connect with the mains.

“The territory on the island to be covered by the system includes all of the pier section, all of that area in the vicinity of the King and Prince Hotel, the business section of Sea Island, the island airport area, and Glynn Haven, an island subdivision.”

Meanwhile, editors of The News continued with their wry observations:

“The junkman would get a big kick out of peeking into the average girl’s pocketbook.”

“Petting has been prohibited in an Ohio cemetery. Probably after grave consideration.”

“We once knew a fellow who was so good natured that sometimes he even had a kind word for the umpire.”

“The horse radish, a garden book tells us, is not properly a radish. It is even less a horse.”

“With the gas and liquor shortage, it’s getting so that about all a fellow can spend with a girl is the evening.”

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