Texas Rangers pitching great and Hall-of-Famer Nolan Ryan is restrained after he beat up the Chicago White Sox’s Robin Ventura in 1993.

25 Years

(Aug. 5, 1993)

In a mound-charging for the ages, Robin Ventura of the Chicago White Sox had enough of hard-pitching elder hurler Nolan Ryan of the Texas Rangers, and decided to do something about it in the third inning of a game between the two squads. He quickly found himself in an all-time headlock, thanks to Ryan.

“Ryan reeled off six quick punches — two of which landed on Ventura’s face, four of which landed on the top of his head — before players from both teams joined the fracas,” the Associated Press reported. “Ventura and Chicago manager Gene Lamont were ejected, but Ryan was allowed to remain in the game. From that point on, he was virtually unhittable.

“‘I’ve had a couple confrontations in my career, but nothing of that nature,’ the 46-year-old Ryan said. ‘I’m not a big believer in fights. Usually even the winner gets hurt.’

“Ryan hadn’t been one of the principals in a brawl since 1980, when Dave Winfield charged him in a San Diego Padres-Houston Astros game.

“‘I decided then I wasn’t going to take it the next time it happened. I decided I would be the aggressor,’ Ryan said.

“After the game, Ventura refused to admit any wrongdoing.

“‘It’s no secret that he was throwing at me and I have to do what I have to do to protect myself, and I don’t care who it is,’ Ventura said. ‘I’m all right. He gave me a couple of noogies, but that was about it.’”

50 Years

(Aug. 5-8, 1968)

Yarr — the pirates hit shore, but to give out the booty. The News reported “Captain Jack,” the hospitality buccaneer of the Golden Isles, made his debut by capturing visiting tourists.

“The colorful pirate figure, in his first appearance locally, invaded the Deck restaurant, along with a screaming band of Pirates of the Spanish Main, and tapped Dr. and Mrs. Lester Porter and children, of Dublin, as first recipients of a Golden Isles weekend.

“Dr. Porter, president of the Georgia Optometrical Association, was here for the association’s convention meeting on Jekyll Island this week.

“The Porters, after being captured and held for ransom, were released with a complimentary meal at the Deck, free lodging at the Buccaneer Motel on Jekyll, a luncheon at the Sea Island Beach Club, and an afternoon of swimming at the beach club.

“The marauding buccaneer is part of a tourist promotion program now being undertaken by the Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce and the Stay and See Georgia Committee.”

Over in Miami, Republicans were busy at their national convention, nominating former Vice President Richard Nixon to take on the eventual Democratic nominee. Nixon quickly announced Maryland Gov. Spiro Agnew — a previous supporter of New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller’s presidential effort — to be his vice-presidential nominee.

The AP reported, “Nixon’s first-ballot victory culminated a smoothly organized (effort) for a second try at the presidency. Nixon lost out to John F. Kennedy in a tight race in 1960.

“Delegates erupted in a turbulent shouting, band-blaring, sign-waving demonstration when Wisconsin was reached on the state roll call. Nixon had sewed up the 30 Wisconsin votes in a primary and it was those votes which put him over the 667 count necessary for the nomination.

“Nixon later summed up his victory in these words at a news conference:

“‘I was ready, I was willing, and the events were such that the party wanted me….”

75 Years

(Aug. 5-7, 1943)

Local leaders learned Delta Airlines planned a major expansion of its routes, one of which would include Brunswick.

“The proposed extensions by the Atlanta company would link Brunswick with Jacksonville and Miami to the south, and to the north with Savannah,” The News reported. “At Savannah, it would be possible for Brunswick passengers to proceed west by Delta to Augusta, Atlanta, Birmingham, thence on to Kansas City or to New Orleans or to Texas and the West Coast.

“Another route extends north from Savannah into the Carolinas, Virginia and on to Washington and New York. Connections would be made at Columbia, S.C., with another Delta service into Asheville, Knoxville, Louisville or Cincinnati.

“The proposed extension would make Brunswick an important city on Delta’s main system and serve to greatly increase the flow of air traffic through the city, officials pointed out.”

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