A thirsty lizard looks longingly and waits for a good turn from a friendly hand at a water fountain at the Sea Island Tennis Courts in June 1994.

25 Years

(June 9-10, 1994)

The News caught up with a few members of local law enforcement to see what they heard from people caught in traffic stops.

“Glynn County police officer Ray Sarro said one of the best excuses he’s heard occurred when he and officer Mike Burnett stopped a woman for window tint violation,” according to the story. ‘The woman told the officers her doctor had given her a prescription for the darkest tint possible because her eye were so sensitive. She said if she did not have the tint ‘her eyes would pop out of her head.’”

Sarro said another woman told him she was rushing home to watch “Miami Vice.”

In another instance, “Brunswick police Sgt. Jim Jordan remembers one of the best excuses he has heard from a speeder was a woman who claimed she had just won the lottery and was in a hurry to cash in the ticket.”

In Alpharetta, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes got hit with arson charges because following the fire that leveled the residence of her boyfriend, Andre Rison.

“Lopes is accused of setting fire to cardboard in a whirlpool at the Atlanta Falcons star’s two-story stucco mansion early Thursday after Rison and some friends returned home from an all-night outing,” the Associated Press reported. “Police said Lopes also slapped and cursed at Rison and smashed two Mercedes cars and a Toyota parked outside the $861,000 house.”

50 Years

(June 13, 1969)

A man hired by the administration of Gov. Lester Maddox resigned publicly and cast aspersions onto the reason for his hiring.

The AP reported, “Wright Lipford wrote Maddox he is resigning effective immediately, and told a reporter he feels he was hired solely to embarrass former Gov. Carl Sanders.

“In an exclusive statement to The Associated Press, Lipford said, ‘I cannot, nor will I, continue my services as deputy assistant attorney general of the state of Georgia at an expense of $25,000 a year to the taxpayers of the state so long as my direction is that of criticizing or attempting to embarrass a former governor of the state.’

“In his letter of resignation, Lipford told Maddox he was leaving the administration because of financial considerations. But he said in an interview, the sole purpose of his job has been an attempt to find evidence of wrongdoing which would reflect on Sanders.

“‘I think (Maddox) is so obsessed with Carl Sanders, his whole idea was not to gain anything from this but to embarrass Carl Sanders,’ said Lipford. ‘I served I think honorably for 20 years as a solicitor of Coweta County. I came to Atlanta because I thought perhaps some good would come of this. But I do not intend to be a hatchet man for Gov. Maddox or anybody else.’”

75 Years

(June 9-13, 1944)

Dr. E.P. Creaser, supervisor of coastal fisheries for the Georgia Game and Fish Department, spoke to the local Rotary Club and gave an update on a rehabilitation program for the state’s deteriorating oyster industry.

“The speaker said the oyster industry has been decreasing in Georgia for a number of years, until at present very little is left,” The News reported. “In order to plan a rehabilitation program, he said, a survey was made in all Georgia coastal waters to find out the best places to produce oysters and to eliminate all polluted areas.

“Everything possible will now be done, he said, to encourage the proper planting of oyster beds and to prevent thievery from the beds. This has existed in the past to a great extent. Dr. Creaser believes that if present plans can successfully be put into effect the oyster industry will soon return to the Georgia coast.”

On the editorial page, The News’ editors observed:

“The Senate has passed a bill reducing the cabaret tax to 20 percent — which is still enough to trip the light fantastic.”

“The dollars of the family are not carried in the wife’s name as often as the sense.”

“If you must run a good thing into the ground, try tomato plants.”

“Secretary Ickes says women employees are hard to get and harder to keep in his department. Well, there’s the unpleasantness of associating with a curmudgeon.”

“So far no one has discovered a effective camouflage for a tax bill.”

“A mysterious object founds in a ship’s cargo and suspected of being a bomb is identified as canned hash and continues to be mysterious.”

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