Whitney Bowie and her dog, Patch, wait to compete in a Pet and Owner Look Alike contest in April 1994.

25 Years

(April 7-13, 1994)

Veteran newsman Bob Schieffer spoke at an event to support the local library, and commented on the changing nature of news and access to information.

“In this age when we know instantly that something has gone wrong, we must not fool ourselves into believing that solutions can be as instantaneous as images,” Schieffer said, using as an example American involvement in Somalia.

He also brought up something that, in later years, become the standard method of operation for cable news networks.

“There was a time when we in television were criticized for delivering ‘instant analysis,’” Schieffer said. “Now we’re criticized for delivering ‘instant opinion….’ What is the value of having someone’s opinion on a subject before that person has had time to think about it?”

In sports, Lehigh named future Wake Forest head football coach Dave Clawson as offensive coordinator, and the Washington Redskins signed offensive lineman Trevor Matich to a two-year contract.

50 Years

(April 9-12, 1969)

It’s not your imagination — baseball’s always been dying.

The News’ editors wrote, “Opening of the baseball season doesn’t bring the public response it once did. Which is as good a reason as any for the managers, players and promoters of the sport to take a good look at their patient and see what can be done about improving his health.”

The editors stated that any sport that’s lasted as long as baseball certainly has its appeal.

They continued, “Lately, however, baseball enthusiasm has been on the wane. Some blame this on mediocre players, others on public apathy. But these are not the causes, they are effects. If baseball is on the decline, what are the reasons?

“Could it be the proliferation of 24 teams vying for talent which would be scarce if there were half that many? What about the attitude of the players, who this year seemed more interested in pie-in-the-sky contracts than in getting spring training underway?

“Statistics such as those compiled by the National League showing an attendance loss of three million in two years ought to be a strong warning to club owners. Over-commercialism has killed more than one sport.”

The editors also observed:

“Our Girl Friday keeps looking for a romantic troubadour, but always winds up with some bum who mooches quarters for the jukebox.”

“Kids who are good as gold are just as rare.”

“Never let the sun go down on a squall with the frau; she’ll spend the night dreaming up a new argument.”

“Getting up with the chickens is advisable only if you happen to be roosting in the hen house.”

“It’s lucky you can save so much time flying on short journeys — it helps to make up for the long waits at airports.”

“Build a better mousetrap and you’ll be sued for patent infringement.”

75 Years

(April 7-8, 1944)

Behold, robed pugilism. Mixed martial jurists. Legal brawling.

“Circuit judges John C. Morrow, 53, and Robert J. Wheeler, about 60, were the participants in a fight at the courthouse here yesterday,” the Associated Press reported from Birmingham, Ala. “The encounter, which developed from a dispute over a probation hearing … occurred in Judge Morrow’s offices.

“‘We became involved in an argument,’ Judge Wheeler said, ‘and Judge Morrow struck me with his fist. I tried to protect myself with a cuspidor, throwing it at Judge Morrow when he started at me with an ash stand.’

“Judge Morrow said, ‘Judge Wheeler called me a liar and I hit him.’ He added that a ‘complete statement’ would be made later.

“Judge Wheeler, asserting that he had granted the probation hearing without knowledge of the fact that Judge Morrow had previously accepted a guilty plea in the same case, said he had gone to Judge Morrow’s chambers to apologize.”

Also, The News’ editors reflected:

“There’s no place like home — except, sometimes, a mad house.”

“Court records show that more and more divorce suits are being pressed, too.”

“The Germans are clinging to that hotel in Cassino as if they were traveling men in Washington.”

“Reports say dirty washrooms are causing women to quit their war jobs. We’re all supposed to come clean in this war, in every sense of the word.”

“A Kansas woman fought and caught two youths who tried to snatch her purse containing only 25 cents. She gave them no quarter!”

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