The Glynn County Finance Committee voted to recommend the county commission allot $93,580 to finishing renovations the tax commissioner started to his office before getting approval.

“We have recently been involved in this project, and we are going to clean up what’s been done in there already by, if you approve this, paying the contractor for the work that he has done (and) the work he needs to do to complete his initial scope. Additionally, we will pay an architect to design what he had done so far and continue the design (for phase two),” Glynn County Public Works Director Dave Austin said at the committee’s Monday meeting.

ADS Construction, the contractor Tax Commission Jeff Chapman hired, asked for $50,702.42 to pay for the work it’s already done, along with $14,737 for the remaining work. The county will also need a building permit from the city of Brunswick to proceed. Including fees charged by the architect and contractor and a contingency fund, the total comes out to $93,850.

County Facilities Manager Ben Mauney met with the contractor to go over his work. Austin said he was satisfied with the quality of the work and the asking price.

Commissioners voted last year to set aside $300,000 in this year’s budget for renovations and alterations to the office, which is in the Harold Pate Courthouse Annex in downtown Brunswick, to improve the workspace and offer taxpayers visiting the office a better all-around experience.

Renovations include new restroom facilities, increased safety features for the tax commissioner’s employees and a ticket system and seating area for taxpayers, among other things.

City interim building official Ren Hale put a stop to ongoing construction work in Chapman’s office in January because he had started the renovations without getting a city building permit.

Chapman also had not gone through the county’s purchasing process, believing that the amounts he was committing to spend were small enough he would not need to. The $300,000 was in the county’s budget, not the tax commissioner’s, however, and as such expenditures had to be approved by the county commission.

The committee also recommended approval of $17,500 to determine how strong of a storm the Glynn County Police Department’s headquarters can reasonably withstand. County Manager Alan Ours noted the meeting agenda stated the county was looking to pay for a structural evaluation, and assured committee members that there is nothing wrong with the building.

Committee members also recommended spending $1.65 million for a new finance and human resources management system to be paid for over 10 years, a $55,830 change order for the Glynco Parkway bridge project and a request to proceed with extending both ends of the sidewalk along Harry Driggers Boulevard, among other things.

The finance committee’s next meeting is 2 p.m. May 29 at 701 G St. in Brunswick.

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