A young man trying to elude police after being caught drag racing early Sunday morning in western Glynn County crashed his car, leaving a female passenger dead and a male passenger seriously injured, according to a Glynn County police report.

A Glynn County Patrol officer using speed radar clocked a Dodge Charger and a Ford Mustang traveling east at 104 mph on U.S. Highway 82 at 2:29 a.m. Sunday, according to the report.

The officer pursued the two vehicles with emergency flashers. The Charger stopped, but the driver of the Mustang continued, taking “a sharp turn onto Ratcliffe Road” and into a subdivision, the report said.

The officer had stopped the patrol car near Ratcliffe Road and Carlee Lane to await a backup officer when the driver of the Mustang approached him on foot, the report said.

The young man was “out of breath and extremely scared” as he told the officer that he had crashed the Mustang at Ratcliffe Road and Williamson Avenue, a dirt road, the report said.

The Mustang was laying on its side when the officer arrived.

The young lady died at the scene, the report said. The young man had to be cut from the car by paramedics and was flown by helicopter to UF Health Hospital in Jacksonville, the report said.

The driver was taken to Southeast Georgia Health System’s Brunswick hospital for evaluation, the report said.

The driver wore a seatbelt but the two passengers did not, according to the report.

The Georgia State Patrol took over the investigation into the crash, the report said.

The state patrol could not be reached Monday.

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