The wait will be longer than expected before the future of the proposed Spaceport Camden is determined.

The environmental impact statement scheduled for release Monday has been delayed indefinitely, according to officials from the Federal Aviation Administration.

The decision that could determine whether the site meets all the environmental requirements to launch rockets was put on hold at the request of Camden County officials. The county has submitted additional application materials that are under review.

The FAA’s announcement was released just before 5 p.m. Monday. Camden County offices were closed for the day and nobody from the county was available for comment. Steve Weinkle, a Camden County resident and longtime critic of the proposed spaceport, expressed his dismay over yet another delay.

“There is no good explanation for what’s going on,” he said. “I’m disgusted with the behavior of the FAA and Camden County.”

The environmental assessment is more than a year overdue from the original date announced by the FAA.

Six months ago, the FAA announced it had all the information needed to make a decision, which is why Weinkle said he doesn’t understand the latest announcement to delay the decision indefinitely.

“Deadlines have meanings,” Weinkle said. “It’s costing taxpayers millions of dollars. I’m aggravated and disgusted.”

Camden County has spent more than $8 million during the past 4 1/2 years in an attempt to establish a spaceport at the end of Harrietts Bluff Road, about 12 miles east of Interstate 95 at an old abandoned industrial site.

Weinkle said he believes Camden officials are afraid to be exposed for wasting so much money on a spaceport that will never see a launch or produce a job.

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