An aerial image from 2014 shows the Sea Island spit on Sea Island’s south end.

With all the ongoing talk about the possibility of a second groin on the Sea Island spit, it turns out that work is needed on the existing groin, which was constructed in the early 1990s.

On Nov. 21, Karl Burgess, assistant director of the state Department of Natural Resources’ Coastal Resources Division, sent a letter of permission to Dan Bucey of the Savannah-based Resource and Land Consultants, giving the OK to begin work at least 15 days after the issuance of the LOP. Work is required to conclude sometime before Feb. 28.

Bucey wrote in an email to Burgess and Sarah Wise of the Army Corps of Engineers, “The groin is currently serviceable and requires the proposed routine maintenance to maintain its permitted use and function, and to comply with the above permit requirements.

“Although the existing structure is generally sound and has performed exceptionally well considering that it was installed over 26 years ago, rough seas due to storms and normal settling of the unconsolidated beach substrate mandates that the proposed activity be conducted periodically.

“The proposed maintenance includes the placement of 1- to 3.2-ton armor stone over existing rip-rap and exposed Campbell blocks to return the structure to its previously authorized width and elevations.”

Bucey wrote that access to the project area is to go through existing DNR-approved beach access, and work on the south side of the groin is to be done from exposed beach at low tide.

He anticipates the project should take fewer than 60 days.

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