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Jeff Ragsdale stands next to one of the several inflatables he will offer in his new business, Brunswick Adventures. Ragsdale plans on opening the business, located at 5581 Habersham Street, in March.

The owner of a planned children’s entertainment venue at the corner of Community Road and Habersham Street hopes to integrate the establishment with the community.

The 25,000 square-foot building at 5581 Habersham — once Bargeron Motorsports — stands mostly vacant but for some construction material and an inflatable slide.

The slide is the first of several inflatables Jeff Ragsdale hopes to pack into Brunswick Adventures along with four party rooms and a nine-hole putt-putt golf course.

One of the big draws will be the climate-controlled nature of the building, he said.

“My son gets invited to these parties at the beach, at the park, and it’s 1,000 degrees, and (when) we looked around there was nothing like this,” Ragsdale said.

The demographic he’s targeting is mostly a younger clientele, middle-school aged, but he’s not leaving parents out. The building will also feature meeting rooms, seating areas, tables and wifi internet.

Safety will be a top priority, he said. Vigilant staff members will be on-hand to help in case of emergencies, and the inflatables will feature an alarm system that will warn youth and parents when beginning to deflate.

“I’m sensitive to that,” Ragsdale said. “I want this place to be real family-friendly.”

Parties won’t be the only attraction. Not all the details are decided yet, but Ragsdale said he’s planning to offer hourly and individual pricing for those who just want to swing by for a few hours.

Looking ahead, he hopes to partner with schools and offer incentives for reading programs and good grades. Other ideas include giving discounts to school groups, families of active military members and people who bring church bulletins on Sunday.

“Yes it’s a business and yes it’s for-profit, but I want it to be an influence for good in the community, too,” Ragsdale said.

He’s aiming for an early March opening.

Michael Torras with Torras Realty said the property had been destined to be the future location of Kut Kwick Corp., one of the Torras Family’s businesses on U.S. 341 near the Brunswick Landing Marina.

“However, recently our plans changed, and we intend to build a new building for Kut Kwick,” Torras said. “This change of plans opened the doors for Jeff and his team to move in with their family fun zone.”

Ragsdale, who comes from a background in corporate sales, said the Torras’ help in setting up the operation has been invaluable.

“I’m a longtime corporate guy,” Ragsdale said. “This is my first venture, and they offered a lot of guidance.”

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