Members of Glynn County’s Board of Elections are expected Tuesday to discuss a major conference they attended last month and look at applications for the elections and registration supervisor position.

“We’re just talking about if there’s something they’ve heard that stood out, the voting machine vendors that were there, that kind of thing,” said Chris Channell, interim supervisor.

Gov. Brian Kemp signed into a law a bill that overhauls the state’s election systems. The bill came packaged with a $150 million appropriation for new voting machines. The vendors showed off their offerings at a conference for elections officials on Jekyll Island last month.

The state is still in the purchasing process and hasn’t made a decision on which machines to buy, said Patricia Gibson, the board’s chairwoman. She doesn’t expect the decision to be made for another few weeks.

“Until we know that, we really are kind of in limbo,” Gibson said. “I did learn at the end of the conference that they have selected 12 sites of municipal elections to use the machines (the state selects). We volunteered, but we aren’t one of those ... If one is near enough to us, then we would certainly try to send someone just to see how they do.”

In other business, the board plans to talk about applications for the elections and registration supervisor role in a closed session.

“Applications have been closed, and each of the (board) members has a copy of the applications,” Gibson said. “We will be going into executive session and determining which ones the board wants to interview.”

From there, she said the board will arrange interviews and begin narrowing down their candidates.

“A lot depends on how many of the applicants we want to talk to and what the board (members’) schedules are,” Gibson said. “I would hope that by our May (14) meeting we would be ready to make our decision.”

Channell also plans to give a report on operations in the elections office. He said he’ll update the board on a project to scan voter registration information into a digital database, provide them with a report on the office’s finances and fill them in on updates to the board’s EasyVote election management software.

The meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m. Tuesday in the Office Park Building, 1815 Gloucester St. in Brunswick.

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