It is a matter of opinion whether you can fight city hall, but you definitely cannot egg the Glynn County Courthouse.

A 28-year-old Glynn County man allegedly discovered this the hard way Tuesday morning. Glynn County Sheriff’s Deputies said Brandon Matthew Harper unleashed a barrage of eggs on the main entrance of the courthouse at about 8:45 a.m., allegedly venting his frustration over an earlier decision handed down in a courtroom inside.

Those eggs splattered on the glass entrance doors and windows, only a few feet away from the security kiosk where two deputies are stationed at all times during operating hours at the courthouse, 701 H St. in Brunswick, according to the Sheriff’s office. The suspect did not get far.

Harper was arrested for his alleged actions and charged with interference with government property. It is a felony offense. Harper remained Wednesday in the Glynn County Detention Center, without bond, according to jail records.

Sheriff Neal Jump was not in a light-hearted mood Wednesday when he stated the obvious. The act was essentially an attack on the courthouse, he said.

“It’s not a prank,” Jump said. “It’s sad when they revert to such criminal intent to express their displeasure. That’s not what we want in America. All across the nation things like this are happening. Eggs vs. guns, we were blessed that he used eggs yesterday. But it’s a shame.”

Harper allegedly was upset with the outcome of a court decision in which he was a victim, Undersheriff Ron Corbett said.

“The guy said he was disgruntled with the way a case went,” Corbett said. “It was just his way of getting back at the system.”

As eggs smashed against the front of the courthouse, the two deputies on duty scrambled to put a stop to Harper’s alleged onslaught.

“I don’t think he was able to complete throwing all the eggs he had,” Jump said. “But he got a lot (of eggs) off. Both deputies exited and encountered him.”

To paraphrase Jump, throwing eggs is not exactly the best way express exacerbation with the system.

“Just like that,” Jump said. “That one little moment of unchecked frustration, and that felony with follow you forever. Our young people need to realize they are our future, and take a better stand.”

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