CCGA dual enrollment

College of Coastal Georgia Human Resources and Auxiliary Services Assistant Vice President Phyllis Broadwell gives instructions to high school students enrolling in the dual enrollment program Wednesday.

Most juniors and seniors in high school do not bring their parents along for the first day of school.

Their first day of college, however, is a different matter entirely.

That’s why many local high school students who are participating in the dual enrollment program this spring could be spotted on the College of Coastal Georgia’s campus Wednesday walking alongside their moms and dads as they got a feel for the college before classes start next week.

Coastal Georgia hosted an orientation program for the more than 100 high school students participating in dual enrollment for the first time this semester, which is the largest enrollment group the college has had for the spring semester so far.

About 430 students total are signed on for dual enrollment this year.

“The dual enrollment program at the College of Coastal Georgia is thriving, and we’re happy that you are a part and we are happy that your sons and daughters are going to be with us this semester,” said Linell Bailey, dual enrollment academic advisor at the college, during an orientation event Wednesday evening.

The dual enrollment program allows high school students to earn both regular and college credit by taking college-level classes. The program has continuously grown over the last several years in Glynn County.

“When I was in high school, I didn’t have an opportunity like this,” Michelle Johnston, president of Coastal Georgia, told the students and their families. “Just the idea of dual enrollment and being able to start your college experience and get college classes completed while you’re in high school was just almost unheard of.”

Johnston gave the students a few tips for success as well, which included to seek help if they struggled and to set their minds on improving as students.

And, most importantly, to attend class.

“In order to be successful, go to class,” she said. “Absolutely, go to class. Don’t miss class. Be diligent and faithful in attending class. Did I say go to class?”

Jason Umfress, vice president for student affairs and enrollment management at the college, encouraged the students to take part in campus events and to join the college’s clubs and organizations.

“You all bring such a unique perspective to our campus, and we’re happy that you’re here,” he said. “I invite you all to be a part of our campus.”

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