Editor’s note: The News is publishing answers to a short questionnaire from candidates in contested primary races throughout this week. Early voting ends Friday. The primary election is May 22.

Name: Wayne Neal

Where are you from?: Glynn County District 3 for the past 40 years

Political experience: Served as a member of the first elected Glynn County school board from 1982-1986

What is your profession?: Home builder

Why are you running for office?: I want to bring positive growth to Glynn County. I want to work to improve the permitting process to help attract new growth and facilitate a more user-friendly environment for all who interact with our planning and development department. I want to work with the development authority to make a better pathway for growth so we can broaden our tax base and ease the burden of individual taxpayers.

It is time for Christian men and women to step back into the political arena and stand up for Christian values that make our country great. I am running for office to answer that call.

Name: Thomas A. (Tom) Boland, Sr.

Where are you from?: Born in Jacksonville. Later moved to North Augusta, S.C. Joined the US Marine Corps. Went to college (BA and MA degree) and law school (Juris Doctor of Law) after returning from Vietnam. Later joined the Army Reserves and served in Grenada, Panama, Desert Storm, Honduras, Egypt, Haiti and Bosnia.

Political experience: County Attorney for Horry County, S.C. (Myrtle Beach). Served as State Attorney for the South Carolina Department of Social Services prosecuting defendants that abused children, elderly, disabled or domestic violence. Urban Planner with the Augusta-Richmond County Planning Commission and the Lower Savannah Regional Planning Commission.

What is your profession?: Retired from state attorney position from S.C. Department of Social Services and retired after 30 ½ years of service as a Colonel from the United States Army. My wife and I are small business owners of Island Drapes and Upholstery on St. Simons Island.

Why are you running for office?: I have the necessary education, training, work experience and proven leadership qualities to serve the community and citizens of Glynn County honorably and with dedication.

While not a life-long resident of Glynn County, I have given a lifetime of service to my country. Also, in the seven years I have lived in Glynn County, I have served my community as a member of the Exchange Club, American Legion (Post 9), VFW, DAV, Military Officers Association of America (SSI chapter) and the Literary Guild of St. Simons. I served on the Glynn County Mainland Planning Commission and on the Brunswick-Glynn County Joint Water and Sewer Commission. This included assisting in the emergency operation center to recover from two recent hurricanes.

I have commanded hundreds of soldiers in both peace time and in conflicts. I was responsible for budgets, equipment and vehicles in the millions of dollars and the safety and training of my soldiers. I served as the senior American representative to the British Army in Bosnia and dealt with governmental officials on the ministerial, ambassadorial and presidential level.

I have no personal or financial affiliation to any business, developer or contractor wanting to do business with the county, nor will I in the future. I will serve only for the best interests of the citizens of Glynn County.

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