A man accused of running down another car with his vehicle, striking it and aggressively confronting the passengers, received a sentence of 20 years probation.

John Joseph Chipman, 41, made an open plea of guilty of guilty on Nov. 16 to three counts of aggravated assault and two counts of second-degree cruelty to children. The sentence for probation came in conjunction with the adjudication of another case involving Chipman in Wayne County.

In a different matter, Frank Thomas Tacchio, 30, pleaded guilty Nov. 19 to six counts of second-degree burglary. He was charged in a criminal accusation in July with nine counts of second-degree burglary and one count of criminal trespass.

Regarding the crimes to which he pleaded, on March 5, 2017 (Count 1), and again on March 18, 2017 (Count 5), he broke into the Ross Road location of Brunswick Floral. Tacchio allegedly took a third shot at the florist on March 23, 2017, but he didn’t plead to that charge.

He did, however, admit to breaking to the Picric Road location of Coastal Georgia Cabinet Company on March 16, 2017 (Count 2), the Scarlett Street location of Casebier Construction on March 16, 2017 (Count 3), the Norwich Street location of the Epic Mart on March 18, 2017 (Count 6), and the Habersham Street location of Waste Management on March 22, 2017 (Count 7).

For those acts, Tacchio received a sentence of 12 years in prison and 18 years probation.

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