Darien Mayor Buddy Hodge issued an order Friday requiring all restaurants and lounges serving alcohol to bar customers from coming inside for the next three weeks.

“It is hereby ordered that all restaurants and other eating and drinking establishments where food is served may continue preparing and offering food and drink to customers via deliver service, drive-through, takeout or outdoor dining provided that the outdoor dining follow CDC’s social distancing guidelines of groups no larger than 10 people and keeping of distance of six feet between individuals,” the order reads.

Further, “assemblies of 10 or more people are banned with the exception of faith-based gatherings.”

Brunswick Mayor Cornell Harvey said the city commission will consider declaring a state of emergency on Monday but currently has no intention to ban any business activities or gatherings.

“We are going to issue an emergency declaration on Monday. It will address issues with nightclubs, bars, gyms and stuff like that, asking people to follow CDC guidelines for (social distancing),” Harvey said.

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