Damages to the underside of the St. Simons Island pier require immediate repair, according to Glynn County documents.

No topside closures will be required during the repairs, according to county spokesman Matthew Kent.

A memo from Public Works Director Dave Austin to the county’s finance committee states the Harbor Pilots Association reported the damages in August and took temporary measures to shore up supports.

The finance committee will discuss the issue at a 2 p.m. meeting on Tuesday.

“Inspections confirmed that there was need for immediate emergency maintenance to reduce the loss of the existing structural members until a permanent solution could be scheduled,” the memo states.

Maintenance was last conducted on the pier in 2015, Austin writes in the memo. More was planned for 2021 to correct problems that arose from recent hurricanes and tropical storms.

“With the fender needing repair as soon as possible, there is justification to do both the fender repair and the structural repair at the same time,” the memo states. “Therefore, due to the difficulty and specialty of the work, we are recommending that the two projects be funded and put out to bid immediately in a joint package.”

An attached proposal from EMC Engineering pointed out 23 points on the pier that need attention and estimated repairs would cost $37,695.

The committee will also consider purchasing new vehicles for the Glynn County Police Department, buying an SUV for the Brunswick Judicial Circuit and releasing money from a restricted fund to offset travel costs following state-level budget cuts. It also will consider renewing contracts for veterinary services, shoreline protection planning services, pest control services and the natural disaster early alert system, among other things.

The meeting will be broadcast to the county’s Facebook and YouTube accounts.

The committee makes recommendations to the Glynn County Commission, which can accept or reject them.

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