Among reports filed with police:


Gloucester Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard: This all started because a carload of dope heads could not complete a simple monetary transaction. A woman paid a man in advance to give her a ride to an undetermined location, but then she changed her mind and asked for her money back. The dude returned the money, but asked her to buy him a drink. So she handed him back the money — a single bill — to go buy his drink. He returned with the drink and gave her the change. Uh, uh, — no loose change, she said. When the subject would not give her back “a solid bill,” reimbursed in full, she threatened to call the cops. That is when he split, along with two girls who were in the vehicle with him at the time. So she did call the cops, who readily caught up to the tripping trio. All three — the two women ages 27 and 29, and the 34-year-old man — went to jail, charged with possession of schedule I drugs, the most dangerous form of street dope.

Funny Money No Laughing Matter

4545 Altama Ave.: A manager at the McDonald’s made a transaction involving a $100 bill, realizing only afterward that the knave had stiffed him with a phony Franklin. The manager reported it to police, hoping to “make sure they weren’t going to get into trouble about the bill because they didn’t know it was fake,” the report said.

Bad Dog

2011 Elm Ave.: Verbatim from a city police log: “Report of an aggressive dog in the area. Officers located dog and notified Animal Control. Animal Control arrived and dog was arrested.” Later on that same shift, city police responded to a report of a mean dog running loose on Lanier Boulevard near the middle school. Police found the dog, contacted animal control and the “dog was arrested,” the report said.


250 Golden Isles Plaza: A woman drove her 2012 Nissan Sentra to Barberitos around 8 o’clock at night, and later stepped next door to Cilantro’s. She called the cops around 10 o’clock to report her vehicle had gone missing.

600 block of Crispen Boulevard: A man woke up to discover that a bandit smashed a rear window of his pickup truck overnight, stealing several items from inside, including a Ruger SR40 handgun.

200 Stellar Drive: A man left a Hotsy pressure washer in the bed of his pickup truck, parked overnight in the Sleep Inn & Suites parking lot. When he came out the next morning, it was gone.

— Larry Hobbs

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