Among reports filed with police:


10000 block of Canal Crossing Road: A woman drove her 2010 Toyota Corolla into a handicapped parking sign out in front of the 5 Below store in the middle of the afternoon, necessitating police intervention. The officer determined that the woman was driving drunk, further evidenced by the open container of alcohol inside the vehicle. The 34-year-old woman went to jail for both offenses.

3417 Altama Ave.: Gadzooks! An irate man came at another guy with a machete in the middle of the afternoon at the Chuck’s Car Wash. The dangerous dude was still there when the cops arrived, and the victim pointing him out to police, saying that’s the man who “was chasing him around with the machete” and “swinging it around toward him,” the report said. Police took the 35-year-old machete marauder to jail, charged with aggravated assault. The man was also held on an outstanding arrest warrant.

Abbott Andrews Terrace: Police were searching for a known shoplifter. They found her at this apartment complex. The 18-year-old woman was taken to jail, charged with felony shoplifting.

Suspicious Incident

George and Johnston street: A patrol officer tried to stop a vehicle for a traffic violation, but the driver decided to make a run for it. The officer called the pursuit off for safety’s sake, but then caught up to the getaway car when it stopped farther down the road. The driver bailed out and ran, but the passenger stuck around. He was the vehicle’s actual owner. He said the driver probably ran because he was carrying dope. The officer found the dope inside the vehicle and they know who the runner is.


5801 Altama Ave.: A thief stole a 9 mm Taurus handgun from inside a vehicle parked at this apartment complex.

4545 Altama Ave.: A scoundrel stiffed the McDonald’s with a phony $100 bill. He ran off before the cops arrived.

2000 block of Albany Street: A man stopped at a residence to take a necessity break, leaving his vehicle and a trailer stacked with tin outside. When he returned, the trailer full of tin was gone.

1200 block of Union Street: A crook struck in the night, busting the windows out of two vehicles in this neighborhood. The thief took a bag containing a man’s wallet from one of the vehicles.

5940 U.S. Highway 341: A man strolled into the Tractor Supply store in the midmorning and “walked around a bit before grabbing a handful of hand tools and running out of the store,” a police report said. Police have little else to go on, but they are investigating.

— Larry Hobbs

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