Among reports filed with police:


Warde Street and U.S. Highway 17: City cops were told to be on the lookout for a loose wire who was “severely weaving all over the roadway,” endangering the welfare of others. A patrol officer quickly found him, and that is not all. Inside his vehicle the cop found crystal meth, pot and drug-taking doohickeys. The city cops turned this bad dude over to the county/city narcotics squad to deal with.

1507 Gloucester St.: A panhandler outside this neighborhood market and liquor store called police, saying the business proprietor pulled a gun while ordering him off the premises. The cops reviewed the store’s security video, which caught the whole showdown. Nothing of the sort happened, and there was no gun pulled. Police arrested the paranoid panhandler for wasting their time with a false report of a crime.

Police Assist

4420 Altama Ave.: A woman created a commotion at the Family Dollar store because she could not get the sale price for her purchase. That is because her purchase was not included in the aforementioned sale, Family Dollar employees tried to explain. But they could get nowhere with this woman, who resorted to cussing out employees and toppling displays. When police got there, the manager asked if they could just issue the woman a trespass warning, meaning she’ll be arrested if she comes back.

1200 block of Reynolds Street: A woman ran all the way to the fire department on Gloucester Street to report that she had been shot at by a man during an argument inside her residence. Police went to the residence on Reynolds Street, finding no sign of gunplay but persuasive evidence that the woman was on something. “It was physically evident to officers that the female was under the influence of a narcotic,” police wrote.

Highland Park Drive: A scary dog got loose and turned up in a woman’s yard, “acting aggressive,” the report said. A crowd of neighbors had formed, “yelling and pointing” at the dog by the time an officer arrived. But the cop remedied the situation, calming the dog enough to put a leash on it. The dog had just jumped over the fence at a home next door.

— Larry Hobbs

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