Among reports filed with police:


150 Altama Connector: Two dudes strolled up to the checkout line at the Walmart with some costly goods. Then, somehow, they tinkered with the cash register to dupe the cashier into thinking the sales transaction had been completed. “The suspects then exited the store with the stolen merchandise, which totaled $2,042,” the report said. Store security cameras captured the chicanery, showing the men “physically manipulating the cash register to deceive the cashier into believing the transaction had been lawfully completed and payment received,” the report said. Police are investigating.


1600 Newcastle St.: This guy who used to work at the Subway shop apparently never noticed that the dining establishment is under security surveillance. Those camera’s caught him in the act when he crept inside after hours and absconded with the overnight cash in the safe. It did not take city detectives long to locate the 30-year-old blockhead, who went to jail for felony burglary and misdemeanor theft.

100 block of Dunbarton Drive: A man apparently stopped his car in the middle of the neighborhood around dusk. Along came another vehicle, resulting in a crash. The 30-year-old man behind the wheel of the immobile automobile went to jail, charged with DUI and improper stopping on the road.

U.S. Highway 17: An alarmed motorist called police about a driver in an older model Toyota Camry who was “all over the roadway,” a report said. By the time the cops caught up with the driver, she had stopped at the Friendly Express north of Chapel Crossing Road. Police took the 36-year-old to jail, charged with public drunkenness.

200 Mall Blvd: A security guard at the Belk caught a woman trying to stuff away $90.95 worth of merchandise. Police arrived and took the 42-year-old woman to jail, charged with shoplifting.

Community and Old Jesup roads: A patrol officer spotted two unrestrained children standing up in the back seat of a 1998 Mercury Sable, which was stopped in the turn lane onto U.S. Highway 341. The 20-year-old man driving went to jail, charged with driving on a suspended license and not restraining children under 8 years old.

1817 U.S. Highway 17: The sour disposition of a man in the drive-though lane at the Popeye’s chicken place caused such a commotion that employees called the cops. He was gone when police got there, but another officer found cause to stop his vehicle farther on up the road. The man went to jail for DUI.

4705 Altama Ave.: A patrol officer came across a man passed out in a vehicle in the Sonic Drive-in parking lot, shortly before dawn. The engine was still running. The doors were left open. Police took the 40-year-old man to jail, charged with DUI.

2600 block of Johnson Avenue: County police stopped the driver of a vehicle that had been reported stolen. The guy made a run for it, absconding into the city’s jurisdiction. City cops quickly nabbed the fugitive, who also was in possession of a little bit of grass. But it turned out that the stolen vehicle’s owner, who was in jail when contacted by county police, did not wish to press charges. Police arrested the 25-year-old desperado anyway, charging him with willful obstruction of the law and misdemeanor pot possession.

25 Torras Drive: A man was sleeping on the sidewalk in the middle of the afternoon. He was passed out drunk, actually. Police had already talked with him about such nonsense, so the 30-year-old went to jail for disorderly conduct.

— Larry Hobbs

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