Among reports filed with police:


185 Dungeness Drive: Two guys got into it in the parking lot of a truck stop off the interstate. One of them presented his case in the matter with a crowbar. The other man received treatment on the scene from county EMS medics. The crowbar guy went to jail, charged with aggravated assault.

Altama Connector and Golden Isles Parkway: “Homeless, work needed, God bless,” read the sign the man was holding. He was sitting curbside at this intersection when a patrol officer passed through. An entreaty of this nature, at this location, apparently is illegal. The 29-year-old man went to jail, charged with “pedestrians soliciting ride or business,” the report said.

2401 Gloucester St.: A dude had already been warned to quit pestering folks at the Friendly Express store. He came back. Police took the troublesome 36-year-old to jail, charged with criminal trespass.

3901 U.S. Highway 17: A man caused a crash that resulted in a vehicle flipping over inside the Westminster Apartments. Here is what police discovered: the man was drunk; he had no license to drive; he attempted to leave the scene after the crash; the vehicle was unregistered and uninsured. Police took the 36-year-old ne’er-do-well to jail, charged with all of the above.

5600 Altama Ave.: A woman asked police to please come do something about an irate teenage girl who was confronting her and others at the Morning Tide Apartments. The teen was no less combative with police. The cops could not sort out the dispute “because she would not quit yelling,” the report said. The 17-year-old apparently took it too far, earning herself a trip to jail on charges of battery, simple battery, criminal trespass and cruelty to the children who had to witness the demeaning debacle.

4341 U.S. Highway 341: A woman walked into the Friendly Express store and helped herself to a phone charger, a pair of glasses and a “milkshake,” totaling $42.96. Not so fast, said the employee who watched her steal the items. The employee held the thief for police, who took the 34-year-old to jail for shoplifting.

Hopkins Homes: A concerned resident called police about a teen attempting to circulate “inappropriate pictures” of underage people. The cops caught up to him and he went to jail, charged with computer porn and child exploitation.

Police Assist

25 Torras Drive: A woman drove her car off the road near the intersection of the F.J. Torras Causeway and U.S. Highway 17, raising red flags for everybody that she must be drunk. A responding officer recognized pot emanating from inside the vehicle. A search turned up some grass in the passenger’s purse. However, the driver showed no signs of intoxication. The cop cited the passenger for pot possession and sent both on their way.

Bay and Prince streets: A driver was injured when the vehicle overturned. At the local hospital, blood was drawn to test whether the driver was under the influence during the single-vehicle crash.


1000 block of Fourth Avenue: A resident reported that someone absconded with a Civil War-era sword.

— Larry Hobbs

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