Among reports filed with police:


200 block of Greer Drive: An irate woman drove a vehicle at her husband, striking him as their young son watched. The victim told police he did not need medical attention, but EMS workers showed up just in case. Police later found the mad mother. The 46-year-old woman went to jail for aggravated assault, as well as third degree cruelty to children for exposing their son to such nonsense.

Union and N streets: An alert patrol officer stopped a vehicle after recognizing the driver as the guy who had been in on some shoplifting shenanigans the day before. While being arrested, the amicable outlaw gave the officer permission to search his vehicle. The officer summarily “located drug-related objects and several pieces of suspected crack cocaine,” taking the 41-year-old man to jail for possession of cocaine with intent to distribute and possession of drug-taking tools.

Wingfield Commons: An officer watched a guy pull out of the Parker’s store on Cate Road in the wee hours with only one working headlight. Police stopped him after he turned into the Wingfield Commons community without using a blinker. He had grass and dirt on the back of his shirt; his eyes were glassy, his speech was slurred and he smelled like booze. He told the officer he had been drinking “a lot” and that he had been rolling around on the ground in a tussle with his brother. Police took the 33-year-old to jail, charged with DUI and a missing headlight.

1919 U.S. Highway 17: Two woman got caught stealing inside the Roses Express store. Police took them to jail.

Abbott Andrews Terrace: A fight between two brothers reached the level of public distraction. The subsequent police intervention concluded with one sibling, 18, going to jail for simple battery.

Brooklyn Homes: There was a domestic dustup that required police intervention, but a man involved in the fracas took off running when police arrived. Police ran the 24-year-old down and took him to jail, charged with willful obstruction of the law.

2401 Gloucester St.: Get this. Some blockhead pulled up to the Friendly Express gas pumps and started a fire. City firefighters had to come and put out the fire. But by that time the loony loose wire had driven to the Salvation Army shelter, where he proceeded to expose himself to a woman. He moved on yet again, but officers finally caught up to him and made a traffic stop. The 54-year-old exhibitionistic pyromaniac went to jail, charged with first degree arson and public indecency.

200 Glynn Isles: A guy walked into the Target and started stealing things and even breaking some items, which did not go unnoticed by security. He dashed out of the store when confronted and ran right into a responding police officer. He changed his course and made a run for a nearby neighborhood, but the officer nabbed him. The 20-year-old hooligan went to jail for willful obstruction of the law and shoplifting.

— Larry Hobbs

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