Among reports filed with police:


2697 U.S. Highway 17: A man and his girlfriend and another guy were hanging out at the Seabreeze motel after hours, probably doing dope. At some point the boyfriend took umbrage with the other guy, accusing him of salacious designs on his girlfriend. He punched the guy in the face and pulled a gun on him, prompting a call to police. The woman answered the door, telling the officer she was there all alone. Not so, the cop discovered after gaining her permission to step inside. The jealous beau was hiding under the bed. “He was also found to be in possession of several controlled substances,” the report said. Police took the 37-year-old to jail, charged with battery, possession of dope with intent to sell, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and theft. The 37-year-old girlfriend went to jail for obstruction of the law.

2300 Norwich St.: A vagabond who had already made a pest of himself at the Fountain Package Store was back again. An officer arrived and advised the man that he best move on, noting an earlier criminal trespass warning issued to him. He apparently wanted a second legal opinion, calling 911 to request another police officer. Police took the 39-year-old to jail, charged with unlawful use of 911. A charge of possession of cocaine was added to his troubles when the officer discovered the man had ditched his dope stash in the back seat of the cop car.

— Larry Hobbs

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