Among reports filed with police:


Hitchcock Lane and Frazier Road: A woman diverged from the roadway, her vehicle smacking a mailbox on Hitchcock Lane in the process. A city police officer saw the whole thing and stopped the woman. A county cop took the 57-year-old to jail, charged with DUI.

2203 Demere Road: Folks tried to tell a man at the Hampton Inn that he was too drunk to drive. He drove anyway, but not far before police caught up to him. The 80-year-old man went to jail, charged with DUI, driving with a suspended license and failure to maintain a lane.

127 Altama Connector: A fight broke out between two women inside a Toyota Camry in the drive-thru lane of the Dairy Queen, well after midnight. One combatant stepped outside the vehicle and began banging on the passenger side window. Police arrived and took the 18-year-old to jail, charged with disorderly conduct.

2400 block of Ellis Street: A man was slinging objects around inside his sister’s house, prompting her to call police. The man was being cool with the responding cops at first, but then he bolted. Police ran him down and took the 24-year-old belligerent brother to jail, charged with obstructing the law.

1600 Newcastle: A vagrant made a pest of himself at the Subway restaurant downtown. When police arrived to restore the peace, the dude proceeded “to get loud, curse and cause a scene,” the report said. Police ended up taking the 39-year-old man to jail, charged with disorderly conduct.

Bay Street and First Avenue: A man caused a crash, but no one was injured. However, police took the 49-year-old man to jail, charged with DUI, driving on a suspended license and failure to maintain a lane.

Golden Isles Parkway and Altama Avenue: A vehicle was stopped in the middle of the intersection, with emergency flashers on. Police were likely not surprised to discover that the man responsible was soused. Police took him to jail.

25 Torras Drive: A man with a yellow bicycle was aggressively panhandling customers outside of the Parkers convenience store. The 41-year-old man ended up going to jail for criminal trespass.

200 block of George Street: Two young women were duking it out, disrupting the neighbors’ peace in the process. Police arrived and took the two, ages 19 and 20, to jail for disorderly conduct.

Suspicious Incident

Park Avenue and Parkwood Drive: A hospital worker told police someone stole her vehicle — the same vehicle, it turns out, that a man was last seen driving earlier that day as he sped away from the cops after a traffic stop. The woman told police she left vehicle in the park next to the hospital because she did not have her parking pass handy. First, she said she left the keys inside but locked the vehicle. Then, she told police the vehicle was unlocked with the keys inside. Also, it turns out the man who cops are looking for is the father to the woman’s child.

Litter Bug

800 block of N Street: A lousy litter bug tried to dump his trash here, but an observant neighbor witnessed the dirty deed and called police. “Officers located the subject and had him go back to the location and pick up the trash he left,” the report said.

— Larry Hobbs

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