Among reports filed with police:


3553 U.S. Highway 341: A man called police to the Oglethorpe Efficiencies apartments after midnight, frantic for relief from his aggrieved girlfriend. The beleaguered boyfriend waved the responding officer down from the entrance to the complex. He explained that the woman took a swipe at his bronze 2015 Nissan with a baseball bat as he retreated, smashing the passenger side window. Police took the 34-year-old woman to jail, charged with criminal trespass.

3000 block of Reynolds Street: A woman was preceded by her reputation with police for stirring up trouble as she waved down a passing cop. She then “threatened to kill the officer.” Police took the 56-year-old woman to jail, charged with terroristic threats and disorderly conduct.

N and Norwich streets: Police stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation. The “driver was found to be in possession of a fairly large amount of narcotics,” the report said. The cop took him to jail and also notified the city/county narcotics squad of the arrest.

McIntyre Court Apartments: A woman had no business being at the housing complex, and had been warned as much. Therefore, when she returned, police took 30-year-old to jail, charged with criminal trespass.

Altama Village Drive: Perhaps sufficiently lit up on his own product, a dope dealer in a white Sebring Chrysler was driving around after dark with his headlights off on Altama Avenue. Police followed the absent-minded motorist into the Harbor Freight parking lot. The 29-year-old went to jail for distribution of marijuana and obstruction of the law.

Albany and M streets: A driver who ran a stop sign right in front of a cop went to jail for DUI.

Brailsford Avenue and First Street: A traffic stop for speeding led to the driver’s arrest for DUI.

200 Mall Blvd.: Security guards at the Belk store caught a man and a woman stealing $474 worth stuff. Police arrived and took the duo to jail.

Suspicious Incident

1600 block of Reynolds Street: An officer conducting a security check in the neighborhood discovered a homeless man sleeping on the back porch of a home. The officer noted the “No Trespassing” sign out front and asked the man to move along.

— Larry Hobbs

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