Among reports filed with police:

Not Exactly Amicable

300 block of Knight Road: It was the typical story of girl meets girl, girl loses girl, girl sets girl’s belongings on fire in the road in front of girl’s home in public display of disaffection. The incident took place back in late spring, but the county arrest warrant for third degree arson just caught up to the 53-year-old woman, who was booked into jail on the charge earlier this week. Several days after the two had parted ways back in May, the other woman inquired to the one about having some clothing returned. She returned it, all right. The woman arrived unceremoniously, threw her ex’s clothing in a pile in front of the home and began hurling insults loudly. Next she doused the clothing in gas, and produced a “torch style lighter,” police said. “The pile then ignited into flames,” the report said. She cussed up another storm, then hopped in her vehicle and drove away before the cops got there. The fire department arrived to put out the flames.


1600 block of Goodyear: A resident called police to report that an unwelcome stranger had occupied the home’s front porch. The dude was drunk, responding police discovered. Also, he was not wearing pants. He was so drunk, in fact, that police had to drop the man off at the hospital for medical clearance before taking him to the clink. Once at the hospital, the dude hurt himself further when he tried to stumble away. Police finally got the 48-year-old to jail, charged with public drunkenness and willful obstruction of the law.

200 Glynn Isles: Security guards at the Target caught a woman stealing stuff from the store. Police took the 53-year-old woman to jail for shoplifting, as well as for felony violation of probation.

2432 Newcastle Street: Police got word of a man trying to smash a window at the A-1 Beer and Tobacco store to break inside. Responding police discovered that this was the same guy who had broken into the same store earlier. Police rounded him up a few blocks away, taking the 48-year-old desperado to jail for second degree burglary and possession of crime tools.

201 Gloucester St.: A lady tried to steal a pair of earrings from the Southern Hanger, but she got caught. Police took 21-year-old sticky fingers to jail, charged with shoplifting.

Police Assist

300 F Street: A man showed up at the Red Carpet Lounge wearing a certain motorcycle club’s official jacket. Official members of that certain motorcycle club happened to be on hand at the entertainment venue at the time. Predictably, a scuffle ensued over the issue of “disrespecting the colors.” The official members of the motorcycle club ended up taking the jacket and cellphone of the nonmember. Police took a report.

— Larry Hobbs

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