Among reports filed with police:


U.S. Highway 341: He came from Kentucky by way of Jacksonville, armed and short of fuse, police said. She hailed from a small town where sweet onions are grown. They met here, hoping to rekindle old flames. But her desire to remain with family got the better of his temper as they argued in a Church of God parking lot. He ran at her in menacing way at one point. Then he got his gun and fired a shot, although apparently not directly at the woman. He left, but then he returned in a huff — just about the time the cops got there. Also, he had been drinking. Heavily. Threatening bodily harm to the woman’s sister, cursing everyone in sight and repeatedly kicking the back of a county patrol car did not help his case any. Police took the 24-year-old man to jail “by the most direct route,” charged with terroristic threats, driving under the influence, discharging a firearm in public and criminal trespassing.

Stonewall and Gloucester streets: A vehicle and a scooter got into a crash, injuring the man on the scooter. The man on the scooter also had a gun. He is a convicted felon. Police took him to jail for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

150 Altama Connector: An ambitious shoplifter tried to push an entire grocery cart worth of goods out the front door of the Walmart. Not happening, not at Walmart. Police took the woman to jail, charged with shoplifting.

11 Glynn Plaza: Two people tried to steal stuff from the Walmart Neighborhood Market, pretending to slide items past the scanner in the self-checkout line and then putting them in the bag, unaccounted for. They got caught. Police took them to jail, charged with shoplifting.

— Larry Hobbs

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