Among reports filed with police:


100 Mallery Street: Way before the Georgia/Florida weekend even had a chance to get warmed up, two lunkhead college students ripped down the green wooden Neptune Park sign next to the pier. It was 2:30 in the morning on Friday, but a witness got a good look at them as they piled into a cab and left with a large piece of the sign. Then the taxi driver called the cops. She had just dropped the two young blockheads off at the Holiday Inn on Main Street; one of the dolts had part of a sign with him when he exited the cab. Police were able to find the young outlaw in room 220. The sign was right there in his room, between the bed and the wall. He tried to say he only took the sign home but did not tear it down. Witness accounts said otherwise, so the 20-year-old Canton kid went to jail for felony destruction of government property.

2600 block of Amherst Street: An armed miscreant fired a BB gun at another boy, popping him good in the back. Police rounded up the gun-toting guttersnipe and took him to the Youth Detention Center in Waycross. Later, cops received a call about still more delinquents shooting BB guns over at the Mercer Altama Apartment complex. Police found the culprits and seized two BB guns that also were involved with the Amherst Street BB gun back shooting.

Dog Days

700 block of J Street: You might think a person who owns a large aggressive dog would not even need to be reminded of their responsibility to keep the pooch restrained. Not so. A dog running loose in this neighborhood recently attacked a passing bicyclist and bit him, police said. Bad dogs running roughshod over the neighborhood appears to be a common occurrence here, police said. “There have been numerous complaints about these aggressive dogs,” the police report said. Animal Control agents came out, captured the dog and impounded it at the county kennel for running at large and for biting. The dog now must undergo a 10-day rabies check quarantine at the kennel.


670 Glynn Isles: A woman lost consciousness behind the wheel of a vehicle, resulting in said vehicle striking the wall at the Verizon store. The incident caused “minor damage to the vehicle and the building,” police said. The woman was treated by county fire department EMS workers.

Shots Fired

3000 block of Altama Avenue: Shots were fired in the dark; people were seen running away. Police responded and found a shell casing, which was taken as evidence.

— Larry Hobbs

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