Among reports filed with police:


200 block of Grants Ferry Road: A woman returned home in the midmorning to find a strange pickup truck parked in her yard and a stranger man standing outside, snooping around between a pile of scrap metal and a sizable tool box. Having seen enough, the feisty woman took action, pulling her truck into position to block his blue Dodge Ram 1500. Then she rolled up her windows and called the cops. The man explained to cops that he collects scrap metal; he parked next to the scrap metal and was about to go knock on the door to ask the homeowner if he could have it. Scrap metal, my foot! said the lady. She insisted the meddling man was after her tool box, “picking up and moving tools and looking around inside it,” the report said. Police took the 56-year-old man to jail, charged with criminal attempt to commit a misdemeanor.

Goodyear and Atlanta avenues: When the cops stopped a vehicle for a routine traffic violation, the two dudes inside knew they were in for more than just a ticket. So they bailed out and made a run for it. Police gave chase and ran down the desperadoes. Back at the vehicle, the cops found dope and a stolen gun. A 24-year-old outlaw went to jail for fleeing and eluding, failure to maintain a lane, theft by receiving stolen property, carrying a concealed weapon, willful obstruction of the law and possession of dope. His 22-year-old partner in crime went to jail for aggravated assault on a police officer and fleeing to elude police.

150 Altama Connector: A thief tried to pull the old switcheroo with the price tags on clothing items in the Walmart. Maybe some other store would fall for it, but that guff doesn’t fly with the crack security staff at Walmart. Police took the 22-year-old woman to jail, charged with shoplifting.

Back River Bridge: A woman crashed her vehicle on the F.J. Torras Causeway. Police suspected she was under the influence of prescription drugs. Police took the 29-year-old woman to jail for DUI drugs, willful obstruction of the law and failure to maintain a lane.

Stolen Vehicle

100 block of Lillie Way: While walking out to the laundry late at night, a woman noticed her husband’s vehicle missing. She alerted her husband, who immediately called police. They suspected the car thieves struck within 30 minutes of their call. Police are looking for the vehicle.

— Larry Hobbs

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