Among reports filed with police:


5052 U.S. Highway 341: A man swiped some stuff from the RaceTrac store, then high-tailed it on a bicycle. Store employees gave police a description of a guy in camo pants, wearing glasses and pedaling fast. It did not take long for police to find the 51-year-old petty thief, who went to jail for shoplifting, violation of felony probation and failure to appear in court.

Sandalwood Drive: A woman returned home and smelled cigarette smoke, which was her first clue that something was amiss. She does not smoke. Also, the door to her garage had been compromised and some diet pills and other items were missing. Now, there is a woman in the neighborhood who does smoke and she is known to have had “a troubled history,” the burglary victim told police. She was right about that neighbor. Police took 35-year-old woman to jail, charged with burglary.

2500 block of Union Street: A resident called police after seeing a brute pinning a woman down and choking her at 2 a.m. The woman had marks around her neck from his chokehold. The jerk freely admitted to police that he did it. Police took the 47-year-old to jail, charged with false imprisonment and aggravated assault.

1800 block of Goodyear Avenue: Someone reported that two women were in a tussle, but really it was just one woman beating up on another, police discovered. The victim was taken to the hospital emergency room and the 25-year-old assailant went to jail, charged with fighting and possession of a little bit of grass.

Nimitz Drive: A cop watched a man in a Ford Focus run the red light at Community and Old Jesup roads after midnight. The resulting traffic stop landed the 35-year-old in jail, charged with DUI and running a red light.

501 Ocean Blvd.: A man who had worn out his welcome at the Parker’s Convenience store on St. Simons Island just could not stay away. The store manager called the cops, who had warned the guy he would be arrested if he returned. He was across the street when police arrived, but admitted he had been back to the Parker’s. Police took the 58-year-old to jail for criminal trespass.

Police Assist

1100 block of Goodyear Avenue: Well, that elevated quickly. Some kids were playing over at Urbana Park, and a little girl was riding a little boy’s bicycle. His request that the little girl let him have his bike back was answered with a knuckle sandwich from another little boy. The next thing you know, the mother of the boy who threw the punch is “screaming” at the mother of the boy who just wanted his bicycle back. Police arrived and restored the peace. The argument festered again later, with a grownup who lived on the other side of the park vowing to resort to gunfire if folks did not stop trying to pick a fight with him. Police intervened once more, restoring the peace a second time.

3885 Altama Ave.: Some kids snuck onto the Brunswick High campus after hours to indulge in shenanigans, “placing streamers and painting saran wrap, which was attached to school property,” according to a report. A passing motorist witnessed the high school high jinks and called the cops. College cops from the campus across the street and city cops responded and nabbed the kids in the act. The kids were turned over to their parents.


145 Golden Isles Plaza: A guy wearing dark clothing, a ball cap and a backpack walked into the Rack Room and started trying on shoes. He found a pair that really appealed to him. The manager saw the guy “walk out of the store wearing a brand new pair of shoes without paying,” the report said. Police searched the area, but the guy with the new Nikes was nowhere to be found.

Good Work

3000 block of Sherwood Drive: A woman called police because her elderly mother had wandered away from their home. As city police searched for her, schools police called to report an elderly woman had walked onto a nearby elementary school campus. “The female was in fact the missing lady from Sherwood and (she) was returned to her daughter,” police reported.

Suspicious Incident

Cleburne Street: When an officer tried to stop a vehicle for a traffic violation after dark, the driver sped away. During a brief pursuit, the driver cut the headlights, pulled into a parking lot, ditched the car and ran from the scene. A search by K9 officers turned up nothing. The getaway vehicle was towed away.


2400 block of Ellis Street: A home caught fire after dark in this neighborhood. Police cautioned neighbors of the situation as city firefighters doused the blaze.

— Larry Hobbs

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