Among reports filed by police:


2000 block of N Street: An exchange of unflattering online Facebook posts between two women spilled over into a realtime physical fracas. The mother of one of the combatants intervened on behalf of her daughter, armed with a box cutter. In the end, police took all three women to jail: The 36-year-old mom for aggravated assault and the two 18-year-old women for fighting.

Habersham and Peachtree streets: Cops stopped a vehicle because the driver could not keep it between the lines. The reason for this sloppy driving landed the driver in jail, charged with DUI.


1 Conservation Way: A woman parked her vehicle at Sidney Lanier Bridge, then went to exercise on the bridge. When she returned, some jerk had smashed the vehicle’s rear window and stolen her purse from inside.

300 F St.: While patrons were inside the Red Carpet Lounge, thieves were rifling through their vehicles out front. Staff at the establishment produced security footage showing two knuckleheads snooping around the vehicles. Police are investigating.

3000 block of Scarlett Street: A man went out of town for a few days, only to return and discover a thief had absconded with his trailer and a trailer ramp.

2200 block of Peachtree Street: A woman stepped away from her home for half an hour. She returned to find a window opened and several televisions missing from inside.


3200 block of Kelwin Avenue: A hot-headed girlfriend slugged her boyfriend and doused him in beer. He called police, but the girlfriend was gone when the cops got there.

Police Assist

1300 block of Stonewall: A man was three sheets to the wind when he called police to report that “there was no power in the kitchen for hims and hid dog,” a report said. “Officers made contact and found everything to be OK. Roscoe (the dog) was also OK.”

— Larry Hobbs

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