Among reports field with police:


2000 block of Ellis Street: Things turned ugly quick between a man and a woman with irreconcilable differences. By the time police got there, the woman had taken a bullet to the shoulder, and the man had “suffered several stab wounds,” the police report said. Both were taken to the hospital for treatment. Both were arrested: The 50-year-old man for battery and the 25-year-old woman for aggravated battery.

200 block of Petersville Road: A hooligan hightailed it up to Darien after roughing up a man in this northern Glynn County neighborhood, leaving the guy beside the road with bloody knees and a battered face. McIntosh County deputies quickly nabbed the desperado up in Darien and held him for county police. The 21-year-old ruffian went to jail, charged with aggravated assault.

Culligan Drive and Hill Street: A patrol officer came across a man on a bicycle, pedaling against traffic in the evening hours. He also was in possession of crack cocaine and a pipe to smoke it in. Police took the 54-year-old dope pedaler to jail, charged with possession of crack and cycling into traffic.

2000 block of Willet Street: A resident couldn’t help but notice that a woman across the street who sprawled out with a bottle of booze in her hand and a hospital admittance band on her wrist. Police quickly surmised that she was likely the same woman who had walked out of the hospital that very same day. After running her back to the hospital for medical clearance, police took the 52-year-old woman to jail for public drunkenness and obstruction of the law.

Frederica Road and North Windward Drive: A man in a Nissan Maxima was swerving all over the road in the noonday sun in the Sea Palms neighborhood on St. Simons Island, narrowly avoiding numerous run-ins with trees and mail boxes. This did not go unnoticed by several callers, the last of which notified police the man had stopped at the Circle K on Frederica Road. The 56-year-old man went to jail, charged with DUI.

1600 block of Frederica Road: This guy in a black pickup truck goes barreling by a patrol officer in the wee hours. The resulting traffic stop landed the 27-year-old in jail, charged with driving too fast and too drunk.

Wolfe and S streets: An officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation and got a whiff of pot as soon as he approached the vehicle. A subsequent search of the vehicle turned up narcotics and a gun. Police took a 20-year-old man to jail for possession of dope and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Two other folks in the vehicle were cited for possession of grass and released.

2701 J St.: A cashier at the Dollar General had to fend off a belligerent customer’s combative advances, but the cantankerous woman left before the cops arrived. Police later found the surly shopper at her home. They took the 59-year-old to jail for simple battery and terroristic threats.

2000 block of Reynolds Street: Two women tangled at a residence, their flap requiring police intervention. Both women, 42 and 20 year old, went to jail for battery.

Altama Connector: Walmart security guards caught a thief inside the store. Police took the 41-year-old man to jail for shoplifting.

Suspicious Incident

1300 Stonewall Street: A woman reported being assaulted by another woman. But never mind that: While in the process of taking the woman’s report, police found six spent bullet casings in the street in front of her residence. Police completed the assault report and documented the spent shells.

— Larry Hobbs

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