Among reports filed with police:


2100 block of Tillman Avenue: Two knuckleheads were cruising through town and one of them was waving a gun around, which prompted a concerned citizen to call police with the vehicle’s license plate. Police tracked the vehicle down to a home on M Street. The officer easily spotted some dope inside the vehicle as the two stepped out of it. It did not not take long to find the gun also. Police arrested one man, and also contacted the county/city drug squad.

4559 U.S. Highway 17: A woman called 911 in the midst of a heated argument with her boyfriend at their mobile home at Cabana Court. Dispatchers could not get a response from the caller, so police responded anyway. In the end, the 23-year-old woman who made the call ended up in jail, charged with simple battery.

Beverly Shores: Some creep was looking inside a home’s windows after midnight, frightening a young child who was inside. The father went outside and found the man standing around. He called police, who took the 45-year-old to jail, where he remains on a charge of loitering and prowling.

700 block of Fancy Bluff Road: A man called police to report that someone had roughed him up and took his keys. It was the caller who did the roughing up, police determined. Also, his keys likely were taken because he was so drunk. Police took the 59-year-old man to jail, charged with aggravated assault.

Lost and Found

1200 U.S. Highway 17: Two women walked into a bar. One woman went missing. The other woman was sufficiently concerned to report her friend missing to the police. “Officers made contact with the missing friend, who went home with a male friend for a good time,” police discovered.

— Larry Hobbs

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