Among reports filed with police:


5252 U.S. Highway 341: A man tried to help out a woman who goes by “Mama” at the Island Motel. This did not sit well with another woman, who he said came at him with, not one, but two knives. Police arrested her for making terroristic threats.

200 Mall Blvd.: A man tried to walk out of the Belk with some merchandise, but he could not do so without drawing the attention of the store’s diligent security crew. Police took the 19-year-old to jail.

Retreat Avenue and Kings Way: A hefty air conditioning unit in a trailer behind a Ford Ranger pickup truck “slid across the trailer and nearly flipped off … “ according to a patrol officer who saw the whole thing. The guy did not have a valid driver license. The 23-year-old went to jail for driving with a suspended license, no tail lights on the trailer and carrying a loose load.

Old Cate and Cate roads: An officer watched a driver roll across the concrete curb while turning at Perry Lane Road. As the officer followed, the driver zigged left, then zagged right across the lane in which he was supposed to be. The resulting traffic stop landed the 34-year-old man in jail, charged with DUI and a host of traffic infractions.

700 block of Buckswamp Road: A man who had already been warned once by the cops and the courts to stay off another man’s property drove his white Ford pickup truck up the driveway of the residence at 9 p.m. The homeowner called the cops, who took the ornery 66-year-old to jail, charged with criminal trespass.

Must Be The Heat

3800 block of Ogg Avenue: A woman forced her way into a neighbor’s home, scared the dickens out of the kids and swilled down a pitcher of Kool-Aid, a mother told police. She said the Kool-Aid was meant for guests. Police are investigating.

— Larry Hobbs

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