Among reports filed with police:


U.S. Highway 341: A man was involved in a crash shortly after midnight, but he drove away afterward. When the cops caught up to him, they found out why: He was drunk, there was an open container of alcohol inside the vehicle, he had no license and he could not keep his vehicle between the lines. Police took the 21-year-old to jail for all of the above, as well as for hit and run.

150 Altama Connector: A pair of pants, $16.88 retail. One woman apparently thought this was worth going to jail for, which is where police put the 23-year-old after the crack security staff at Walmart nixed her trouser theft scheme.

U.S. Highway 341 and Blythe Island Highway: A man driving a white Jeep SUV during the predawn hours simply could not keep it between the lines, which the patrol officer behind him noticed all too well. After watching the vehicle swerve over the lines more than three times, the officer stopped the man. The driver went to jail, charged with DUI.

Glynn Place Mall: Police received a call about a drunk guy raising a ruckus at the Side Pokkets billiards hall. Responding police ended up taking a 38-year-old malcontent to jail, charged with disorderly conduct, simple battery and willful obstruction of the law.

2500 block of Union Street: A woman was flashing a knife around late at night, threatening to use it on several folks. That is a no-no. Police arrived and took the 24-year-old rabble rouser to jail, charged with three counts of making terroristic threats and acts.

2900 block of Hopkins Avenue: A woman called police about a man who “was beating on her,” a police report said. The man also was antagonistic to the responding cops. Police took the 37-year-old to jail, charged with willful obstruction of the law.

Third and Bartow streets: Police stopped a vehicle, and the driver high-tailed it. Police tracked him down with dogs, which did not take long. The 21-year-old went to jail for willful obstruction of the law.


2400 block of Johnston Street: A woman’s smart-aleck son seized the TV remote and would not give it back. When he did surrender said TV remote, the irksome son “unplugged the cable box,” police said. “Officers responded and spoke with the juvenile,” the report said.

2700 block of Carrie Street: A perturbed neighbor called the cops to report a bunch of kids on motor scooters romping around on the residential roadway. “Officers responded and made contact with those juveniles,” the report said. “Juveniles were released to their parents.”

1011 N Street: A kid claimed his mom was holding him captive, which police were obliged to look into. The boy was just being a brat, police learned.

Stolen Vehicle

185 Dungeness Drive: A woman drove to work at the Travel Centers of America truck stop around 6 p.m., parking on the side of the building. When she went to check on the vehicle, it was gone.

— Larry Hobbs

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