Among reports filed with police:


1440 Ocean Blvd.: A teenage kid in a Jeep Wrangler crashed through the exit gate at The Beach Club condos on St. Simons Island late at night, then rammed into a tree. He jumped from the now-crippled Jeep and made a run for it, wearing a distinctive green tank top, witnesses told police. The troublesome teen did not get far. Police took the 17-year-old to jail, charged with underage DUI and hit and run.

U.S. Highway 17 and Chapel Crossing Road: A cop on a traffic stop found a vehicle crawling with problems — quite literally. The patrol officer pulled up to an intersection at 2 in the morning and saw that the guy beside him was plainly yakking away on a cellphone. That was just for starters. When he saw the officer, the man dropped the phone out of sight and proceeded through the intersection. The Buick sedan crossed the center lane and then the fog line three times before the officer stopped him. The car wreaked of pot and the officer easily “spotted a Bud Light bottle and a glass container of Hennessy on the passenger seat along with marijuana residue scattered on the center console,” the report said. The cop asked for a driver’s license. He got handed a Florida ID card. A further look-see revealed more than the officer cared to find: “While conducting a search I found several live cockroaches freely running inside of the vehicle and I no longer searched the vehicle,” the report said. “Using the most direct route,” the officer took the 37-year-old man to jail, charged with unlawful use of a cellphone, driving on a suspended license and two outstanding county arrest warrants for theft. Sheesh.

Golden Isles Parkway and Canal Road: A woman caused a crash and then drove away. Police found her. The 35-year-old went to jail, charged with hit and run and failure to report an accident.

2500 block of Stonewall Street: Police responded to a crash with injuries. One of the drivers involved was drunk. Police took the driver to jail.

Police Assist

3300 block of Reynolds Street: A neighbor reported that someone was walking around by candlelight inside a home after dark. Police found a homeless woman inside. She asked police if they could take her to Gateway Community Services for assistance. Police complied with her request.

11 Glynn Plaza: A man donned a cape and took to singing and dancing in the parking lot of the Walmart Neighborhood Market, apparently creating a distraction in the process. Police advised him to move along.

— Larry Hobbs

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