Among reports filed with police:


Altama Connector: A guy was driving around after midnight without his headlights on — inadvisable if you are carrying around wholesale amounts of pot, a gun and drug toys. A cop stopped the guy for driving in the dark. The 26-year-old subsequently went to jail for possession of pot on a distribution level, possession of a firearm in the commission of a crime, possession of drug related objects and ... failure to meet headlight requirements.

Blythe Island Highway and U.S. Highway 341: A guy in a red Hyundai Santa Fe was driving around with a faulty passenger side brake light. The cop pulled him over in front of the Pumpkin Patch and smelled alcohol as soon as soon as he approached the vehicle. Probably from the alcohol drink the driver had with him. It just got worse from there. The 30-year-old went to jail for felony violation of probation, brake lights required, driving on a suspended license and having an open container of alcohol inside the vehicle.

3900 Newcastle Street: A bandit robbed a man near a transmission shop, then vamoosed in a silver four-door vehicle. Police later caught up to the 22-year-old crook, who went to jail for theft by taking, aggravated battery and plain old battery.

200 block of George Street: A woman told police that the father of her children “took a pipe and busted her car window,” a report said. Responding police quickly observed the window “is in fact busted,” the report said. The father of the woman’s children then readily admitted that he took a pipe to her vehicle’s window. Case closed. Police took the man to jail.

1000 block of Johnston Street: Observant city detectives spotted a man who was wanted for burglarizing local property. Police took the 18-year-old hoodlum to jail, charged with burglary and interference with government property.

Gunshot, It’s A Mystery

Wofle and Q streets: A man was standing in his front yard after dark, when gunfire rang out and a bullet struck his leg. Police met him at the hospital emergency room, but the victim was not much help. “He said he just got shot in the leg,” a city police captain said. “He didn’t see nobody, he doesn’t know anything, he doesn’t have any idea who would want to shoot him.”


Camellia Apartments: Several folks reported hearing gunfire at around 9 at night — anywhere from eight to 10 shots, depending on whom the cops talked with. One person told police the gunfire appeared to originate on the other side of the road. But another guy said he could hear fighting around back. Police are investigating.

2600 block of Amherst Street: More than one person clearly heard what sounded like gunfire going off after dark in this neighborhood, at least three shots. While on a followup foot patrol of the area, officers also heard a gunshot. However, they could not pinpoint its location. Police are investigating.

— Larry Hobbs

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