Among reports filed with police:


Westway and South Commercial drives: A patrol officer spotted a white Chevrolet Caprice on U.S. Highway 17 near Burnett Road without a tag light in the wee hours of the morning. The driver refused to stop, leading the officer on a pursuit that ended up on South Commercial Drive, where the driver turned into the Westway Apartments. The passenger tossed a handgun, then made a run for it moments later when the driver stopped in a parking spot. The officer gave chase and ran the punk down just short of a wooded area. A backup officer found the discarded Smith and Wesson, which contained one spent round and four live in the cylinder. They also found a CDI SKS semiautomatic rifle in the vehicle. The 17-year-old who bolted went to jail for being too young to carry a gun, obstructing the law and tampering with evidence; the driver went to jail for fleeing police and possession of a little grass.

F.J. Torras Causeway: Several concerned motorists called the cops about a perturbed pedestrian, who was creating a considerable public safety concern by standing along the causeway and shouting and offering a middle-finger salute to passing vehicles. The malcontent was no stranger to the responding officer, who noticed he smelled like booze when confronted near the Back River Bridge. The officer told him to cut it out and behave. No dice. Later on, the officer received calls that he was now “mooning” passersby. Out of second chances, the 42-year-old went to jail for disorderly conduct.

3461 Cypress Mill Road: An irate woman walked into the Pizza Hut, where she shoved a guy and punched another woman. Police arrived and took the 27-year-old woman to jail, charged with two counts of battery.

West Park Avenue and Parkwood Drive: An officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation and things went downhill from there. The woman had no form of identification, much less a driver’s license. She lied to police about who she was. She put up a struggle against being arrested, perhaps because she also was a wanted woman on several sheriff’s office warrants. The 26-year-old went to jail on the warrants and several new charges. The uninsured vehicle was impounded.

— Larry Hobbs

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