Among reports filed with police:


200 Mall Blvd.: An employee at the Belk got off on the wrong foot at work the other day, trying to walk out of the store in a pair of showroom shoes. A store security guard was not amused. Police arrived and took the woman to jail, charged with shoplifting.

Home Invasion

2800 block of Reynolds Street: A woman and a masked man with a gun rushed into a man’s home, robbing him at gunpoint of $360 cash, a computer game and an iPhone, the victim told police. The man reported the crime nearly an hour after it occurred. Police are investigating.

For Goodness Snakes

2200 block of Formosa Street: A woman found a snake inside her home and appealed to police for assistance in evicting the serpent. Police responded, but to no avail. “Officers were unable to remove the reptile due to it hiding in the attic,” the report said.

Police Assist

2600 block of Wildwood Avenue: A patrol officer saw a vehicle speed past. The driver did not yield when the officer attempted a traffic stop with flashing lights. When the vehicle finally stopped, the officer discovered it was being driven by an elderly woman who “was gasping for air,” the report said. She had a portable oxygen tank beside her, but it was not working. The officer called for an ambulance, which took the woman to the hospital emergency room.

3600 Ross Road: Someone called police because they could see flashlights blinking in the back of Palmetto Cemetery after dark. Police arrived and found some kids “playing Pokemon,” the report said. Police suggested they find another place to play Pokemon.

11 Glynn Plaza: Employees at Walmart Neighborhood Market caught an old man stealing stuff. Walmart folks said they did not want him going to jail, but they did not want to see him in their store again.

Mercer Altama Apartments: A girlfriend could not reconcile her differences with her boyfriend, so she went to a friend’s nearby apartment to spend the night. The boyfriend kept banging on the neighbor’s door, requiring police intervention. Responding officers were not surprised to find the boyfriend was quite drunk. They convinced him to sleep it off and try to talk it over with the girlfriend in the morning. Later, the boyfriend called police to say his girlfriend was carrying dope. Police arrived again, asking the “intoxicated male” to please just give it a rest for the night.

Funny Money

100 Cornerstone Drive: An employee at the Treatment Center of Brunswick found a pair of counterfeit $100 bills in the parking lot. She turned the phony Franklins over to police, who confirmed that they were counterfeit bills.

— Larry Hobbs

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