Among reports filed with police:


171 Palisade Drive: A skirmish flared up quickly in a parking lot, after a man attacked a woman and several bystanders intervened. “The male, who was intoxicated, tried to fight them,” a responding police officer was told. The man had fled the scene before police arrived.

Traffic stops

L Street: Police stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation, then discovered that the driver had an active warrant. The driver was arrested.

25 Torras Drive: A man made a poor decision and pushed a police officer to the ground during a traffic stop. Following a foot chase, the man was apprehended.

FJ Torras Causeway: Just after midnight, a man driving 70 miles per hour down the causeway flew past a police officer’s parked car. Upon being pulled over, the driver then tried to get out of the car. Turns out, he’d been drinking. The officer spotted an open alcoholic beverage in the car. The driver was taken to jail, charged with DUI, speeding and having an open container.


1919 Glynn Ave.: Someone stole a bed from Rent-a-Center.

450 Canal Rd.: A RaceTrac gas station shopper accidentally left his $200 vape on the counter. He didn’t notice the lost possession until he arrived home. By the time he tried to get his vape back, someone had nabbed it.

Damage done

115 Merrill Court: The guy was already having a pretty bad night — his girlfriend had come over to dump him. Then, before she left, she broke his car window with a bat.

— Lauren McDonald

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