Among reports field with police:


1400 block of Lee Street: It is not like police did not warn the woman that she would be arrested if she returned to the apartments here. The cops were not kidding. When she showed up after hours, police arrived and took the 20-year-old to jail for criminal trespassing.

2400 block of Albany Street: A distressed woman called 911 multiple times in the evening hours, but on each occasion the call disconnected before she could explain to dispatchers the nature of her difficulty. Police went right over, discovering that the woman had suffered a beating at the hands of her child’s father. The cowardly knave ran out the back door when the cops showed up, but they ran him down in short order. The 27-year-old creep went to jail, charged with simple battery, false imprisonment, cruelty to the child who had to witness the spectacle and willful obstruction of the law.

200 block of Gloucester Street: A pair of vagabonds who were under the influence of more than just anger decided to duke it out in the middle of the road in broad daylight. Responding police discovered that one of the combatants raised the stakes, whomping the other in the chest with a board. That 52-year-old hooligan went to jail, charged with aggravated assault and public drunkenness.

Demere Road and Salt Air Drive: A guy in a pickup truck who was stopped at the road leading out of Demere Park late at night caught the careful attention of a passing patrol officer. The officer turned around and drove back past the park again. The pickup truck had not moved. Hmmm. Upon further investigation, the pickup’s 37-year-old driver went to jail, charged with DUI.

County: A woman left her boyfriend, but the creep would not let it go. She later showed police the multifarious diatribe of threatening text messages he sent to her in a single day. Police rounded him up and took him to jail, charged with terroristic threats and false imprisonment.

Steal, Dash and Crash

5940 U.S. Highway 17: A reckless rascal swiped something from the Tractor Supply store, hopped into his getaway car, then smacked into another vehicle as he escaped. Police are investigating.

Secure Load Law Flaunted

Sidney Lanier Bridge: Numerous motorists called in complaints about junk strewn all over the roadway, a clear sign that some careless creep paid no heed to the county’s law requiring trash and such in pickup beds and trailers to be strapped down, covered or otherwise secured. One lady even reported damage to her vehicle after unavoidably running over the rubbish. “Debris was located and removed from the roadway,” city police reported.

Ghost Story?

3600 block of Ross Road: Verbatim from city police log: “Caller reported a male was laying in the roadway in front of Palmetto Cemetery. Male was gone a upon officer’s arrival.”

— Larry Hobbs

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