Among reports filed with police:


1000 Bay St.: A vehicle at Mary Ross Park raised a patrol officer’s suspicions. It did not take long to discover the vehicle had an expired license plate and was uninsured. The driver did not have any pants on. Or underwear. He did have methamphetamine, which the officer located. The 55-year-old meth man went to jail for possession of dope, and for driving an unregistered, uninsured vehicle.

Altama Avenue and Kensington Drive: A county officer on patrol “heard a loud noise consistent with a vehicle collision,” a report said. The officer drove up upon a silver sedan conked out in the middle of the intersection, steam rising up from it. The subsequent police inquiry led to an arrest for DUI.

Altama Avenue and Golden Isles Parkway: A one-man smashup derby was driving north on Altama Avenue after dark. He hit a light pole on Altama, then kept driving north. Next, he crashed into a vehicle. Undeterred, the driver turned onto the Scranton Connector and pulled into the Legacy Apartments. Big surprise: The 60-year-old man was driving drunk. He went to jail to DUI, hit and run, failure to maintain a lane and driving with a suspended license.

Altama Connector and Altama Avenue: A driver was weaving all over the eastbound lanes of Emanuel Farm Road with a patrol officer following the whole time. The driver made an erratic stop on Carteret Road, turned without using signals and drove 40 mph through an area with a posted 25-mph speed limit. The 29-year-old man went to jail for DUI.

25 Torras Drive: A man had made such a pest of himself in the past at the Parker’s store that he was warned any repeat appearances there would end in arrest. Well, he came back. And, the 36-year-old intruder went to jail, charged with three counts of criminal trespassing.

Police Assist

Scranton Road: County police came across a Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck after midnight, stopped in the road and abandoned. It was blocking the lane to merge onto Golden Isles Parkway as well as the entrance to the Scranton Landing Apartments. The cops and dispatchers tried and tried to get a hold of the owner, but no dice. The truck was moved out of the way.

1100 Grant St.: Vandals spray-painted curse words on the old Civil War statue at Hanover Square. Police took photos and made a report.

—The Brunswick News

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