According to reports filed with police:


6000 block of Altama Avenue: A man served an eviction notice to a woman who rented a room from him. Evict this! she said, smacking him with a brick and leaving his whole right eye cut and swollen. Police took the 36-year-old woman to jail, charged with battery.

3400 block of Treville Avenue: A guy looks out his window and there sits a stranger in a strange vehicle, “revving up the engine,” police said. The kook was still there when police arrived, still revving the engine. It did not take long to deduce that this fool was “under the influence of an unknown substance,” police reported. He acted like the police were not even there, ignoring commands to step out of the vehicle. He just kept revving the engine. Finally, police had to smash the window and pull him out. Then it got ugly, prompting police to pepper spray him and tase him “several times as he resisted and fought with several officers,” the report said. Police took the rebel without a clue to jail on a slew of charges.

2200 block of Demere Road: A woman in a four-door sedan pulled out of the Edwards Plaza onto Demere Road in front of an oncoming pickup truck after midnight. The truck had to hit the brakes and gave his horn a steady honk for good measure. The patrol officer nearby had seen enough by then for a traffic stop. The 32-year-old woman went to jail, charged with DUI and creating a traffic hazard.

U.S. Highway 17 and Belle Cutoff Road: Someone called the cops with a heads-up about “a possible intoxicated driver,” the report said. Police found the suspected driver and, sure enough, she was drunk. The 45-year-old woman went to jail for DUI.

— Larry Hobbs

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