Among reports filed with police:


McIntyre Court: A troublemaker started stirring up aggravation at a woman’s apartment late at night, prompting her to call the cops. The dude split before the cops got there. However, an officer found him skulking around the apartment complex later on. It turns out he was packing heat, which is a no-no for convicted felons. Police put the 33-year-old outlaw in jail for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

600 block of Mansfield Street: A woman called the cops and ratted out her brother, who was wanted by the feds. Responding police put the 23-year-old in jail until federal authorities could pick him up.

1000 block of Fountain Lake Drive: Sibling strife prompted a man to put his younger brother in a chokehold, which nearly caused the poor kid to pass out, the mom told police. Police took the 19-year-old to jail for battery and aggravated assault.


1400 block of Fourth Street: A gloved thief snuck into a man’s truck after hours, absconding with an air compressor contained therein. Police know this because the entire crime was caught on security video. Police are looking for the man.

Suspicious Incident

2900 block of West Park Avenue: Verbatim from city police reports: “Caller reported a female was flying a drone over his house and trying to force her way inside. Officers found that the female was the realtor listing the house.”


2700 block of U.S. Highway 17: A loose cannon accosted a woman and “threw bleach on her son’s clothes” at the Palms Motel in the wee hours. Responding officers seized the chump. But while an officer ran a check on him, the dude bolted. Police pursued but lost him. Police put a warrant out on the miscreant and they are searching.


2203 Demere Road: A guy tried to make a stop at the SunTrust drive-thru in a U-Haul truck, which was too tall for such an endeavor. The truck clipped the roof corner, inflicting about $3,000 damage.

2000 block of Union Street: A careless kook in a white Ford Expedition “struck multiple vehicles” and drove away without bothering to own up to his error. The cops are investigating.

— Larry Hobbs

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