Among reports filed with police:


600 block of Mallery Street: A goof was driving a Kia Forte down Magnolia Avenue on the island when he stopped right in front of the Frosty’s Griddle and Shake around 8 at night. Then he kept going, except he ignored the stop sign while turning onto Park Avenue. The cop who saw the whole thing learned the reason for his erratic driving during the subsequent traffic stop. The 37-year-old went to jail for DUI, failure to observe a stop sign, and for driving an uninsured vehicle on a suspended driver’s license.

2806 Altama Ave.: A woman was acting the fool inside an establishment at the Point Plaza. She refused repeated entreaties to vamoose, forthwith. In fact her behavior grew more distasteful by the moment. So the proprietor called the cops. The loathsome lady went to jail.

2500 block of Ellis Street: A brute smacked a woman and absconded with her phone. She called the cops. The cops caught the culprit. The 27-year-old jerk went to jail, charged with robbery by sudden snatching, battery, false imprisonment and cruelty to the poor child who had to witness it.

G and Albany streets: It is not a good idea to park your vehicle across the sidewalk if you are a wanted man. A 23-year-old outlaw learned this the hard way when a cop kindly asked him to stop blocking the sidewalk with his car. A friendly background check by the officer revealed the man was wanted on an outstanding city arrest warrant, for which he went to jail.

— Larry Hobbs

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