Among reports filed with police


F.J. Torras Causeway: A red Ford Explorer pulled out of the side road beneath the Back River Bridge and into causeway traffic ahead of a county patrol cop before noon. A quick check of the license plate revealed the vehicle’s registration was expired. Perhaps not surprising, the subsequent stop proved the rascal behind the wheel was driving on a suspended license. Police put the 49-year-old in jail.

F.J. Torras Causeway: A couple of hours later, the same officer from above clocked a Hyundai Accent rolling toward the island at nearly 20 mph above the posted speed of 50. Wanna guess the status of the 19-year-old woman’s driver license. Yep, she went to jail for speeding on a suspended license.

1600 Newcastle St.: A woman without means was standing outside the downtown Subway shop when she beseeched another woman of some substance to buy her something to eat. Things got ugly when the woman declined. The first woman left in huff, but she warned the other woman that this was not over. True to her word, she returned moments later and started banging on the eatery’s front glass with one hand and shaking a knife in the other, all the while giving the hairy eyeball to other woman. Cops caught up to the 35-year-old woman and put her in jail, charged with terroristic threats and actions.

3915 U.S. Highway 17: A man grabbed some goods and bolted from the One Stop store in the wee hours. When responding police caught up to the bandit, he apparently had some objections to being taken into custody. The 35-year-old ended up in jail for criminal trespassing and willful obstruction of a police officer.

2500 block of Bartow Street: An argument between a cantankerous couple turned ugly, prompting constabulary intervention. Police split the two up to discover there were no victims here. The 24-year-old woman went to jail for aggravated assault and battery and the 28-year-old man went to jail battery and criminal trespass.

3400 block of Community Road: A man punched a woman, prompting a witness to call for the cops. The woman got mad at the cops when she learned the creep who punched her might face legal consequences for his brutality. Just the same, police had enough info from the witness to toss the 39-year-old jackal in jail where he belonged.

— Larry Hobbs

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